All-out musician and mom, Barbie Almalbis rocks out

    LifestyleAll-out musician and mom, Barbie Almalbis rocks out

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    If you’re a loyal fan of Barbie Almalbis, you’ve probably been with her through Hungry Young Poets to Barbie’s Cradle. And who would forget her bands top hits, “Torpe” and the theme song of the Pinoy Dawsons Creek, “Tabing Ilog”.

    Barbie, who is now balancing her roles as a singer-songwriter, an all-out musician, wife, and a mother of two, is trying to do as much as she could without having to spread herself too thinly among her various roles.

    “I didn’t really stop [making music]. I just keep my family a priority. I guess you just have to learn, as you go along, how to balance these things,” Barbie says in a recent TV interview.

    With a family to tend to, Barbie has learned to rely on technology to keep her passion for music alive and, in a way, make sure that she doesn’t lose touch with her music.

    Barbie says that with the advent of home recording and with the help of the Internet, she was able to continue writing songs and producing music at the comfort of her own home, without having to go to a full-production studio.

    With social networking and video-sharing sites available, Barbie is just one click and one type away from her stable of fans. In fact, the 36-year-old responds actively to questions of fans in her Facebook page, and constantly updates them of her activities via Twitter and Instagram.

    “Connecting with the fans is very important. With the help of fast broadband Internet, you can really get to know what your fans are thinking,” she adds.

    Loyal supporters of Barbie can catch her at the November 9 leg of Smart’s first interactive concert, Smart Bro Live and Loud, which will be held in SM City Cebu along with Cebuano rock act Urbandub. Barbie will join fellow “Power of Four” artist Rico Blanco during the concert series’ Davao leg on November 23.

    For more information on the schedule of Live and Loud tours, please visit

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