Top Tracks: Heart and Soul

    Music is also one of the means of spreading the Good News to the audience, it’s like preaching the message to your listeners with melody and harmony. More than just pleasing to the ear, what defines beautiful music is when it connects to the depths of your being. It could be based on stories of love, struggles, or even faith. It shapes and influences our lives as well, depends on what we’re listening to. When all things work together, music could be the light in the darkness or the calm in the storm.

    Here’s my top list of heart-touching and spirit-lifting tracks dealing on things that matter the most.

    For King and Country
    The Proof of Your Love-The Monologue Mix
    The titular mix, sung by the Australian duo and brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, was based on chapter 13, verses 1-3 of First Corinthians. Joel wrote the song to be at once encouragement and challenge. The how You live/how You die/love is sacrifice part shows that the perfect model for how to love is Christ. The last line of the monologue is also the last line of verse three, and captures the message clearly: No matter what I say/no matter what I do/I’m bankrupt without love.

    The Wilds
    I Am With You
    In the lyrics, God is the narrator. It gives promises and words of comfort just like a father wiping away the tears of his weeping child: I am with you, says the Savior, even to the age’s end. There are times that we do not understand why we are experiencing such adversities, but the song serves as a reminder that we should trust the Sovereign One even when life hurts.

    Keith & Kristyn Getty
    By Faith
    Awaken the Dawn (2009)
    This was the first Getty song I listened to, and it paved the way for me to forward for more of their music. By Faith is a contemporary hymn that encouraged me to stand and to be more faithful. And even though we are living in modern times, we should always be reminded on how God has worked in past generations. We are also travelling the same road of faith walked by our forefathers.

    The Oh Hellos
    Like The Dawn
    Through the Deep, Dark Valley (2012)
    This neo-folk hit from sibling Tyler and Maggie is not just an ordinary love song. Sung by Maggie, the lyrics has Adam as the narrator, during the creation of Eve and the Fall. The words of the song demonstrate subtle yet deep, spiritual, and pure love Adam felt when he saw the first woman for the first time—bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh, at last.

    Snarky Puppy feat. Shayna Steele
    Gone Under
    Family Dinner Volume One (2013)
    The grammy-awardee and fusion-influenced jam band has done it with Shayna Steele. This lively rendition of her track has always been my favorite. Gone Under was performed during the Snarky Puppy’s session of Family Dinner Vol. 1 along with different artists. Steel’s soulful and jazzy performance will definitely make you stand on your feet and sing I need you Lord along with her, drowning your sorrows and burden in the water.

    What Scars Are For
    Overcomer (2013)
    There might be a space in the back of our minds wherein we think that we may be beyond repair because of our growing pains and mistakes. However, the former American Idol contestant Mandisa tells us through this song that we are stronger because of our scars. These same scars also serve as a reminder that we are recipients of our Helper’s grace. The song also tells me that it is almost impossible to overcome my past with my own abilities, but through my Savior, victory is guaranteed.

    Honorable mentions are Audrey Assad’s Drawn To You and I Shall Not Want, the grooving Bulletproof by Citizen Way, the testimonial God Of Every Story by Laura Story, Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin and The Look by Sovereign Grace Music. Along with the highlights, these hymns are also worth the listen for your daily life contemplation.

    Words and Art by Jael Mendoza

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2018




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