JMErry 2021: Your holiday playlist

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    PUP Junior Marketing Executives (PUP-JME) bring Hope, Peace, Love, Faith, and Joy with the first virtual week-long celebration of their annual Corporate Social Responsibility event, JMErry 2021: The Season’s Medley.

    Here are the daily activities of JMErry 2021:

    Hope: Bright voices around the corner (December 13, 2021 – Day 1)

    It will be about giving hope by hearing the bright voices of 1st to 3rd-year PUP Marketing Management students through Essay Writing and Photo-Essay Competitions to inspire and uplift the marketing community.

    Peace: Kindness in every beat (December 14, 2021 – Day 2)

    This day celebrates peace as the Marketing Community shares kindness in every beat through a series of virtual activities highlighting the talents of Marketing Management students in Spoken Words, Music Videos, and Fashion Showcase activities.

    Love: Marketistas are coming to town (December 15 – 16, 2021 Day 3)

    Love will be spread in the town as Marketistas support each other and, at the same time, showcase their entrepreneurial skills through a 2-day Bazaar.

    Faith: All the way, sweet season ways (December 16, 2021 – Day 4)

    Faith will be evident on Day 4 as we introduce the chosen beneficiary who had faith that this day would come.

    Joy: Concert lights in Jingle Night (December 17, 2021 – Day 5)

    Day 5 will be a source of Joy as we stage a concert to benefit our chosen community.

    This season’s primary purpose is to share Hope, Peace, Faith, and Joy among the marketing students and the community, creating a harmonious connection while extending help to those in need.

    JMErry 2021 aims:

    • To convey the main message and the real spirit of Christmas to students despite the negative situations they have been through.
    • To encourage students to share their stories and messages that will inspire and give hope to fellow students in this time of pandemic.
    • To provide peace and joy among the Marketing Community through various engaging activities that will create strong bonds and relationships, even on a virtual platform.
    • To spread love and care to the students, especially the entrepreneurs, by motivating them to strive harder and explore different opportunities that await them.
    • To also give back to our environment by collaborating with an organization that promotes livelihoods in coastal areas. In that way, it will help our nature to recover from the recent calamities.
    • To reach out to the students who need school supplies or financial assistance in order to lessen their burden and cope with the current way of learning.

    JMErry 2021 beneficiarie

    Samahan ng Magsasaka at Mangingisda ng Barangay Antikin, Quezon Province.

    The Samahan ng Magsasaka at Mangingisda ng Barangay Antikin is a registered organization under DOLE, wherein it consists of men and women of Barangay Antikin. Each member has weekly savings that are used to pay off their expenses and debts and can also be loaned to other organization members. Farmers and fishermen are experiencing challenges in their livelihoods during these pandemic times.

    PUP Marketing students

    Some of our PUP Marketistas were also severely affected by the pandemic, and most of them need financial support and assistance for online classes. They have difficulty with internet connection, gadgets, and quiet space at home.

    We want to help by calling for donations for our beloved marketing students who are continuously experiencing difficulties in these trying times. JMErry’s competition and umbrella events will serve as the platform to spread this information to the people willing to help them.

    Overall, this event aims to help the Marketing Community relate and create the wreath of harmony to bring hope and light to the beneficiaries, particularly the community in the coastal areas of Quezon Province and our Marketing Community.

    Let’s all be united and sing our favorite season’s carol! JMErry Christmas!

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