SIBOL: Revitalizing agriculture, cultivating market access

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    SIBOL: Revitalizing Agriculture, Cultivating Market Access is a two-phase corporate social responsibility event run by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Junior Marketing Executives (PUP-JME). It aims to support our local Filipino farmers by highlighting their pivotal role in enhancing our country’s economy, advancing sustainability, and fostering professional marketing growth. This event aims to educate students about the potential for innovating agricultural practices to create solutions that can benefit future generations. 

    Cultivating an event that will open your eyes, the PUP-JME embarks on an incredible journey where the worlds of agriculture and marketing collide in a fusion of excitement! Let’s start sowing the seeds of knowledge, and collectively bloom in this adventure! 

    In line with this, PUP JME has invited esteemed speakers to talk about agriculture, marketing, and sustainability. To get a glimpse of what you will learn:

    1. Beyond the Fields: Unveiling Growing Opportunities in Agricultural Entrepreneurship 
    2. From Field to Aisle: Elevating Distribution Channel through Strategic Marketing Initiatives 
    3. Fields of Sustainability: Maximizing Resource Efficiency through Circular Agriculture 

    🌱 Two-phase event full of learnings and growing opportunities
    🌱 Collaboration with businesses that support local agriculture
    🌱 Fields of Phrases: A Copywriting Competition
    🌱 Sustainable Canvas: Harvest for Green Creativity
    🌱 Informative articles and postings highlighting the importance of agriculture
    🌱 Internship/ Work opportunity for the marketing students

    Witness these exciting activities and opportunities @PUP Junior Marketing Executives Official Facebook Page, and get ready to learn and be inspired about agricultural marketing on February 3, 2024, at PUP Theater located in the College of Communications building.

    SIBOL is now open for PUP Manila, non-PUPian, or interested participants outside
    PUP Manila. Secure your slots by registering here:


    For inquiries, kindly contact Ms. Jessa Mae B. Balmes, at [email protected].

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