Hershey PH creates an immersive brand experience for its consumers as it forays into Metaverse with Hersheyverse™

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    Hershey Philippines, Inc., a part of The Hershey Company, a leading global snacking company, has forayed into the metaverse with the launch of Hersheyverse. The brand will offer quests, discounts, interactions, appealing landscapes, and an exclusive wearable in Hersheyverse to give consumers a wholesome and immersive branded experience around holidays. 

    The experience will be memorable, built on the universal language of chocolate, where users complete quests, learn about sweet holiday traditions, explore virtual shops, and even earn exclusive rewards by completing quests. With this activation, Hershey aims to create an experience that helps the brand connect with Gen-Z consumers around the holiday season. This innovative experience gives people a new way to engage with the world-famous chocolate brand.

    In Hersheyverse, non-player characters (NPC) will guide users to explore the space. The space is centered on a larger-than-life Hershey’s Kiss, where all interactions occur. There are shopkeepers who represent different markets like the Philippines and will highlight the country’s most popular Hershey’s products during the holidays. There are also various quests, such as Holiday Quest, Social Quest, A Sweet Surprise, and A Flying Kiss. These quests will entail distinct storylines, activating different aspects of the space. The player will eventually earn rewards in terms of power-ups and an exclusive wearable.


    Talking about Hershey Philippines’ venture into the metaverse, Herjit Bhalla, vice president Hershey AEMEA & India, said, “Hersheyverse is an experience of all of Hershey’s products in one digital space. As a digital forward brand, we at Hershey want to familiarize our consumers with our products through the metaverse experience. We are looking forward to having Gen-Z users, especially creators and influencers on Hersheyverse, try a never felt before experience. Through this immersive digital environment, we want to build a next-generation space for consumers who want to connect with us.”

    Ahmad Nasser, marketing director, Hershey AEMEA, said, “Metaverse has become a trending topic around the world for millions of Gen-Z users. Users can create interactive experiences that blend the virtual and real worlds in the 3D virtual environment in Hersheyverse. This is a great space to spread awareness about our range of products in a fun and tech-savvy way. We are certain that Gen-Z consumers will find Hersheyverse appealing and will love the memorable experience built on the universal language of chocolate.”

    The Hersheyverse will be based in a chocolate village where the central attraction will be a colossal Hershey’s Kiss where all the quests will take place. Users will be able to learn about sweet holiday traditions, explore virtual shops and even earn an exclusive wearable. Hersheyverse is created in collaboration with LandVault.

    Jump into the Hersheyverse experience here.

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