Roteco debuts E-Trike and E-Jeepney

    Yes, the jeepney and tricycle are two of the most iconic Filipino vehicles in the world, but they’re also big contributors towards noise and air pollution, particularly the ones that are a couple of years old. Ropali Corporation and Teco Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd., through a joint venture will be releasing E-Trikes and E-Jeepneys under the name Ropali-Teco Corporation (Roteco) to help turn the country’s public transport system into a greener, cleaner service.

    Ropali Corporation president Roberto Alingog, said during the launch, “Roteco’s primary objective is to introduce innovation in the transport sector by creating battery powered E-Vehicles that will dramatically lower noise pollution and smoke emission. Part of our advocacy is to drive social entrepreneurship with the objective of giving back to people by means of having clean air and clean living environment”.

    “By working hand in hand with the private and the public sector, this technology will not only improve our transport system but this will also create a significant change in safety and in health of our community,” he added.

    Chao Kai Liu, Teco chairman, elaborated “Ropali and Teco believe that by bringing green and smart mobility, we can raise the bar of public transport in the Philippines. We have capitalized on the five premium qualities of our products: S-Safety, P-Power, E-Efficiency, C-Comfort, and S-Stability. SPECS, as we call it, are qualities that help address the current issues of E-Vehicles.”

    Roteco’s E-Trike model features a 4+1 passenger and driver format, safety body roll cage, wide passenger door, and a water resistant electric motor for protection against splashes and rain. This power plant is a 2.3kW variety with an 80km range for every full charge. It’s complemented by heavy duty front forks, leaf spring suspension, and flat and ladder type chassis.

    Meanwhile, the Roteco E-Jeepney comes with a side entrance, rear emergency exit, vacuum-assisted braking, European electrical control system, and a 12kW electric motor that outs 140Nm of torque good for 80km on a single charge. It’s able to seat 20 passengers and 1 driver, with their comfort ensured by an under chassis and central bearing, leaf spring suspension, and extra damping cylinder. Time on the wheel is also made better thanks to an Electric Power Steering System, Electronic Ticketing Onboard Device, and Fleet GPS Management.

    In anticipation of orders, Roteco has built a manufacturing and assembly plant in Subic Olongapo that will start operation on January 2016. Interested parties and customers can reach Roteco through +6347-252-1324 or through the website

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