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Siquijor resort goes solar with Solenergy

Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort has just gone off-grid as one of the Philippines’ first self-sustaining retreat. The micro-grid resort project is in line with Salamangka’s commitment to greener operations, and according to owner and general manager Felix Prager, their overall aim is “to elevate [the] resort to the highest possible standards and being able to provide a sustainable source of power is a key development towards that.”

The resort’s battery room is loaded with 4800Ah stored power. The batteries are connected to advanced off-grid components from Swiss manufacturer Studer Innotec and German-made Steca grid inverters.

With a portfolio composed of several power system solutions, Solenergy Systems Inc. was employed to engineer and install a 37kWp/4800Ah hybrid solar system for Salamangka’s essential facilities, all while being comprehensive enough for the resort’s budget and standards. Solenergy also implemented an uninterruptible power solution to counteract grid fluctuations that may damage resort amenities. The final solar system provides up to 95% of the resort’s electricity needs, helping it consistently give a five-star experience to patrons.

As requested by the owners of Salamangka, Solenergy installed 148 SolawWorld black PV modules. The black solar panels were specially ordered from Germany to aesthetically compliment the resort design.

The off-grid system is composed of specially ordered 148 Solarworld Black PV panels, power control system made by Swiss manufacturer Studer Innotec, and grid inverters built by Germany-based Steca. These high-quality and reliable tier-1 components were stress-tested for maximum performance and longevity. For added peace of mind, Solenergy has installed a remote monitoring solution so engineers can view and optimize the system all the way from their Makati office.

“This is a major investment and we look forward to save on costs in the long run” Prager added. Significant savings and a stable power source are just a few benefits of what an off-grid or hybrid power system can offer to establishments in the hotel and tourism industry.