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Staying healthy at home with SHARP appliances

Even in the traditionally cool months at the end of the year, we’re experiencing unpredictable weather. One day may be cool, the next scorching hot. And there’s the occasional thunderstorm and floods. Thankfully the advancement of technology has created home appliances capable of preventing the spread of disease usually associated with the fickle weather.

As part of their 2019 portfolio, Sharp Philippine Corporation released several new products to help keep us healthy, and keep our homes comfortable.

Air Purifier

You might think of air purifiers as merely a novelty, and we don’t blame you. Years ago, the need for such a device was limited to a few specific cases. Fast forward to today, pollution has brought about different airborne irritants, and contaminants, so the need for an air purifier is clear, particularly if you have kids.

Sharp has an air purifier fitted with a mosquito catcher. The air purifier uses Sharp’s Plasmacluster ion technology which emits positive and negative ions to neutralize any airborne mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. The mosquito catcher works by using UV light to attract mosquitos, while an air inlet sucks the mosquitos into the machine where they are trapped on a glue sheet. Aside from mosquito catchers, Sharp’s air purifier also has a HEPA filter which captures particles as tiny as 0.3 micron.

Healsio Hotcook

A healthy diet is vital in maintaining one’s health, and Sharp has introduced a new health directed cooking appliances line called the Healsio.

The Healsio Hotcook is a waterless automatic cooker that uses the ingredients’ own moisture to cook. This gives any meal a much deeper flavor. It has an automatic stirring unit capable of 100 plus different cooking methods. It also has an automatic temperature control to prevent any burned foods.

Healsio Vacuum Blender

The second Healsio product is the Vacuum Blender that creates a vacuum in the blending compartment. Vacuum blending reduces oxidation inside the compartment, thus, giving whatever you juiced a longer shelf life. It could also produce better tasting juices and it preserves nutrients that would otherwise be diluted by air.

Mite Catcher

While not entirely new for 2019, Sharp’s mite catcher is definitely one to look for. Mites usually feed off dead skin and blood and have a life cycle of a few months. They also carry a multitude of viruses and diseases. Sharp’s mite catcher is a small vacuum cleaner that has their Plasmacluster Ion technology and has a built-in heater that automatically kills any mites that it catches.


Apart from the airborne threats, a more effective way to prevent disease is through food safety and healthy eating. Refrigerators are at the forefront of food safety. A great refrigerator fights the spread of bacteria in our food. Sharp’s latest refrigerator line-up has their Plasmacluster Ion technology built-in, preventing any virus from spreading to our foods. It also has silver and copper nano deodorizing technology to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners with built-in air purifiers have started to flood the market since their release early in the decade. Sharp’s latest super-premium inverter type air conditioners have the same Plasmacluster Ion technology as their air purifiers, and have their own IoT technology for a more pleasant user experience.

You could connect your air conditioner and air purifier with Sharp’s Air Purifier mobile app for mobile control of your appliances.

Ractive Air Vacuum Cleaner

The best way to keep healthy is with a clean environment. Sharp’s Ractive Air Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless ultra-lightweight stick-type vacuum cleaner coming in at only 1.5 kg. It has different modes and has a turbo fan motor with cyclone technology.

Updated from an article published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2019 Issue
Words by Gabriel Pe