Microsoft PH launches Glass House to show what the Pinoy family can do with Windows 8.1

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    As a fun and interactive way to showcase how the modern Filipino family can incorporate the features of Windows 8.1 into their everyday lives at home, Microsoft launched on November 26 at Greenbelt 5 an interactive exhibit called the Windows Glass House. It is a life-size installation crafted by interior designer sisters Ivy and Cynthia Almario from Atelier Almario that replicates the appearance of a typical home, incorporating different devices that run Windows 8.1.


    The Glass House features a kitchen, a living room, a home office and a bedroom. Demos are conducted in each part of the house, illustrating how the various Windows 8.1 devices located in each room and the apps that ship with the OS function for the members of the family. In the kitchen, for instance, you’ll find the Samsung All-in-One PC, which moms and dads can use to look up recipes while cooking via Bing Food. The app has a hands-free function, which lets the user control the interface without having to touch the device’s screen—a convenient solution for operating the device with messy hands.


    Also among the featured apps are Bing Health & Fitness, which features a Symptom Checker, and the new MERALCO app, which allows users to calculate their electricity consumption.


    The Lenovo Yoga 11S, Asus T100 (Transformer Book), Sony VAIO Duo 11, HP Revolve and the Nokia Lumia 1020 are just some of the devices that were used for the exhibit.


    “Through the Glass House, Microsoft reimagines life and showcases how Windows 8.1 apps and devices are able to create a personalized computing experience that fits perfectly with the way people live,” said Mae Moreno, Windows Client Business Lead at Microsoft Philippines. “There is a Windows app and device designed for each member of the family, proving that Microsoft has the capability to power and transform their everyday living.”


    Said Cynthia Almario, “Glass House reflects our philosophy that technology greatly affects the way people live. This says so much about how Filipino consumers can use technology such as the exciting Windows 8.1 apps and devices to accomplish things in a more fun and more productive way.”

    “We are proud to take on the challenge of being able to incorporate technology with aesthetics through Microsoft’s Glass House and to see how devices, apps, and other technologies transform the interior space,” said Ivy Almario in a statement.

    At the Greenbelt 5 launch, actress/model Jasmine Curtis-Smith was part of the team that conducted demos.

    “Seeing the Glass House has allowed me to further understand the impact that technology plays in everyday living. With Windows 8.1, and its array of apps, there is something that fits my passion and that of my family and friends,” says Jasmine.

    Microsoft claims that it will be taking the Glass House to other parts of the country, allowing more Pinoys to discover and explore Windows 8.1.





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