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Music corner: Catching up with the Time

I was 13 years old when I fell in love with OPM. I discovered then that it was more than just high-pitched love ballads heard most often in the local teleseryes. I was introduced to the Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, and Gloc-9 learning full well that music can be relatable at any level. Whether it is a dear childhood memory or a jingle about a manly-cologne, music can be about anything or nothing. It is a weird thought, but the same can be said about art. It can be blatantly said or downright mysterious.

Fast forward to the late 2010s and it’s an even greater time to be an OPM fan. with rumors of reunion tours and albums out and about (we’re looking at you, Eraserheads!), as well as new musicians representing every genre imaginable year after year. All the while, with Pinoy hip hop and indie bands becoming more accepted in the mainstream, one might say that with the millennial age comes renewed faith in the future of OPM.

With that said, here are six artists to help you get into the mind of the millennial OPM fan.

You may have heard of the artist known as Curtismith in his collaborations with various artists such as B.P. Valenzuala, Kiana Valenciano, Noel Cabangon, and Billy Crawford. Armed with calm and soulful beats, Soully, Yours is the type of album you listen to on the cooldown times of a Saturday night or even Sunday afternoons.

Recommended Track/s:

24 – a collaboration with Kidthrones, tells the rags to riches story of pursuing your dreams 24/7 and keeping yourself grounded even during success. With lyrics perfect for the daily grind and a melody that’ll cool you down at the same time, this song evokes the oh-so millennial feeling of running your life with your passion.

Another debut album, this time by sleeper hit Banna Harbera, the alternative soul band gives twelve tracks featuring old favorites and five new tracks. The album signals the band’s return from its five-month hiatus and has been teased since 2018. Mostly heard doing live performances in music festivals, the college-formed band has indeed come a long way from grouping up just for kicks.

Recommended Track/s:

Intuition – Revisiting painful memories is an ugly business and here comes Banna Harbera with Yzabel Torres’ vocals making it sound so, so good. With a soulful tone oddly reminiscent of the 90s, this is the song to sing on your way to work.

What do you get when you mix The Smiths with The Smashing Pumpkins and Death Cab For Cutie? This album apparently, is it. With indie-pop sensibilities and influences of post-grunge music, We Are Imaginary lives up to its name and gives us an eleven-track album with poetic ramblings about Escolta, and rainy days.

Recommended Track/s:

Sunny Where You Are – This is the type of song where you can confirm who the band’s influences were. Evoking the Smiths and Ben Gibbard , the song takes its time and does not try too hard. For a song that hints themes of emotional
exhaustion, it’s executed perfectly with its sullen melody and vocal style.

The much awaited debut album of indie darlings Ben&Ben is finally out! With the twin Paolo and Miguel Guico’s vocals, Poch Barretto on electric guitar, Jam Villanueva on drums, Agnes Reoma on bass, Patricia Lasaten on keyboards, Toni Munoz and Andrew de Pano on percussions, and Keifer Cabugao on violin, this album spells out what you should expect from the band: the light in the midst of darkness. Coming from the Butuanon word masawa meaning light, everything from the album art to the tracks themselves reflects the album’s name. In keeping with the theme, the album is also released as an audio-visual,multimedia experience with the album box forming a lamp housing illustrated cards based on the tracks and the light-up glass flashdrive in place of the traditional CD!

Recommended Track/s:

Hummingbird – An ever-relatable commentary about the woes of breakups, this jazz and
RNB- inspired track will make you feel secure with its high vibe and then attack you with a sad story. As expected from the band, this track will make you bob your head as you tearfully sing along.


Words by Daniel Ringon | Artwork by Jezeil Romero

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE June 2019 Issue