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Surviving the heat with cool indie summer vibes

What does summer sound like? Is it the sound of waves crashing on the shore? The gentle breeze of rural air? How about the noise people make when they go on about the heat?

Of course, like most abstract things, the sound of summer is what we want it to be. A night out with friends, a roadtrip with the windows down, staying in with the air conditioning on full blast, or sunset at the beach. Whatever mood you’re in, we’ve got four albums for you that’ll definitely cool you down during the summer!

Nighttiming [2007]
Artist: Coconut Records
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World star Jason Schwartzman chucks his evil ex-boyfriend swagger for an indie pop persona having released his debut album Nighttiming under the name Coconut Records. He had two albums since, and all through out, displays his penchant for quirky melodies. His music can be described as indie-pop mixed with disco-rock as he uses techniques from the 60s to 80s music to create his own tune.

Top Pick:
West Coast – Telling the ramblings of a person missing his significant other makes this song a bit on the sad side, but the melody takes stage as it features Coconut Records at its best.

In Your Face & Other Songs About Other Faces
Artist: Kai Honasan [2014]
Starting out with the ukelele to accompany her quirky and lighthearted songs, Kai Honasan gained recognition for her live performances as a solo artist as well as her collaborations with other musical acts in the Philippines. Her solo album features seven songs talking about varying degrees of the social-puzzle known commonly as dating. Mixing heartbreaking and funny scenes with wit and musicality, Kai Honasan holds her own as a solo artist as well as part of a band. Fun Fact: Kai Honasan is also the new keyboardist and serves as vocals for the band Autotelic.

Top Pick:
This City – There’s really nothing else out there to beat the feeling of summer love. That feeling of being unstoppable and just painting the town red. The song covers it in spades with Kai and her signature sound.

Tourist History [2010]
Artist: Two Door Cinema Club
Another great import from Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album introduced what they would come to be known for: a mesh of dance punk and indie pop tunes. This year’s Wanderland guests got a taste of Two Door Cinema Club’s music, with dance-worthy songs with lyrics that punch and tunes that kick with energy.

Top Pick:
Undercover Martyn – With lyrics preaching to take a risk, the song is perrfect for a late night summer party anthem. You will find yourself heaedbanging and swinging with the combination of synth and guitar riffs as you sing along.

Les Enfants EP [2013]
Artist: Ezra Vine
Debuting with an EP, Ezra Vine indulges in his own musical style filled with handclaps, hums, and a hefty serving of bass. This darling EP consists of five unique songs displaying the artist’s indie-folk sensibilities. Nuff said!

Top Pick:
Celeste – Telling the thoughts of a person drunk in love, the song accentuates the feeling even further with strings, hums, and claps.

Words by Daniel Ringon

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE May 2019 Issue