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Oris launches limited edition watches as part of campaign to save oceans

Oris Regional Manager Michael Meier with the Ocean Trilogy set

Swiss watchmaker Oris launched their Ocean Trilogy watches and Aquis Date Relief watch as part of their campaign to save the world’s oceans.

The Ocean Trilogy will have a limited running, with only 200 sets made.

Part of the trilogy will Oris’ Great Barrier Reef Limited edition III, the Clean Ocean limited edition, and the central piece, the new Blue Whale limited edition with only 200 pieces made. All of the watches are based on Oris’ high-performance Aquis diver’s watch.

“We can share this with the world. I can be here in Manila to talk about these issues, to talk about how we have to do something about the water, to ensure we have safe drinking water in the future, to ensure we have clean oceans in the future, and to ensure that the animals have a chance to survive in the water and the whole still goes on,” said Michael Meier, Regional Manager, Oris.

Oris notes that each watch represents a story and an initiative which Oris supports. Part of the proceeds of the watches will go the different charity and initiative they represent.

“So we are able, through our channels, to share these stories and to give organization (whom we are working with) a wider audience that they couldn’t have reached. We have a global network of retailers and a global network of friends from the media and friends with the brands  and through them we could share this story and that’s what we wanna do, creating a reach to do something meaningful with those watches cause they’re not just nice but they really help in a deeper story,” Meier adds.

Oris regional manager Michael Meier

Oris partnered with Pacific Garbage Screening, a non-profit organization that is developing platforms that collect plastic waste from the water system all over the world.

The Great Barrier is partnered with the Reef Restoration Foundation, an organization that runs coral planting programs to help restore dying reefs like the Great Barrier Reef.

With the Blue Whale Limited Edition, Oris has partnered with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a non-profit organization that conserves whale and other marine animals.

Buyers of the trilogy set will receive the encased box made from recycled PET bottles. Meanwhile, customers can also avail of both the Great Barrier Reef and the Clean Ocean individually.

The Ocean Trilogy set comes with a case made from recycled PET bottles

Apart from the Ocean Trilogy set, Oris also launched the newest member of the Aquis Diver collection series: the Aquis Date Relief.

The newest addition to the Oris Aquis collection the Oris Aquis Date Relief

The watch is made in partnership with expedition swimmer and water ambassador Ernst Bromeis, to raise awareness of the importance of water.