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About the Model: Roberta Branquinho

This month’s covergirl embodies entertainment beyond what the eyes can see. Entertainment is not just looking your best to awe the audience but it should also encompass one’s features like personality, talents and skills. Roberta Branquinho, seemingly laid back in her denim shorts, simple grey crop top and white oxfords, entranced us with her passion for her work and powerful charm.

The 24-year-old Brazilian beauty has been modeling for six years. More than being on the covers of magazines or gracing spreads and walking on runways, she is drawn to modeling because it allows her to meet new people. Moreover, she believes that it is a stepping stone to bigger opportunities. With more time in her hands, she is determined to make it big.

Travelling is also an interest for Roberta. She has been to 12 countries; six of those were possible because of work. She hopes to go on more trips and even explore the Philippines.

Although it is only Roberta’s second visit in the country, she gushes about it being her second home. The island reminds her so much of Brazil—the warmth of the people and the hustle and the bustle of the city. Despite arriving a month ago, she has already found friends whom she adores. Most importantly, she loves the modelling culture and hopes to stay here for a while.

Like most of us, Roberta enjoys her downtime too. When she’s off-duty, you can find her hanging out with friends, tinkering with her MacBook Pro watching shows or movies on Netflix, as well as running to stay active.

Entertainment in this new age involves showing not only what you have and sticking to them but evolving in order to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in. With immense charm, zeal, and drive, Roberta will surely captivate the modeling world and the international audience.

Art Direction by Jael Laura Mendoza
Photography by Carlo Dans Isidoro
HMUA by Patricia Aquino
Styling by Paula Candoy
Assisted by Theresa Eloriaga, Rafaella Alexa Ubaldo
Model: Roberta Branquinho of Women’s Folio Management
Cover Credits: Outfits from Zalora Philippines, Forever 21, and Topshop

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE July 2017 issue.

Words by Rafaella Alexa Ubaldo