Free PRUMedCare insurance against infectious diseases for 25,000 Pru Life UK customers

    In conjunction with its We Do More for our Customers campaign, 25,000 Pru Life UK customers will receive a complimentary plan that protects against infectious diseases called PRUMedCare - Select Infectious Diseases.

    KonsultaMD telehealth services set to grow in 2022

    The service has reached over one million members who enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to licensed doctors via voice or video call for as low as PHP60 a month.

    Johnson & Johnson launches e-Pharmacy

    Most common illnesses can be managed from home. With the e-Pharmacy, consumers can conveniently stock up on year-round, self-care essentials with just a few clicks.

    Athletes promote mental health through Smart Power Move project

    The Power Move: Better Today conversations hope to encourage Filipinos to engage in sports and to recognize the role of sports in building mental resilience. 

    Mondelēz International puts the “We” in Well-being

    Mondelez celebrated Purpose Day with 3 activities to promote wellbeing. #GadgetsMagazine #Mondelez #PurposeDay

    OMRON blood pressure monitors now in 300M homes worldwide

    An estimated 1 billion adults worldwide have hypertension, and the number of individuals with cerebro-cardiovascular diseases caused by hypertension accounts for 17.5 million. #GadgetsMagazine #OmronBloodPressureMonitor

    Xiaomi smart products for a healthier home

    To help create a healthier home, Xiaomi smart products are designed to help improve our well-being during this critical time. #GadgetsMagazine #XiaomiSmartProducts

    Marvin Agustin trusts Maxicare SME healthcare plans

    There is affordable, reliable, and quality healthcare insurance. Now, more than ever, SMEs should invest in their employees' wellbeing, with plans starting at below P5k annually. #GadgetsMagazine #GrowthStartsWithCare #MarvinAgustinChoosesMaxicare

    Keep your business quarantine-ready with the Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizer

    The Aller Plasma Orion Series can take care of the air while you take care of your business. It works in keeping spaces and the air indoors clean by...