Automotive technology trends in 2021

    MobilityCarsAutomotive technology trends in 2021

    There was a time when one of the best automotive innovations was an RV generator. Whether you are just going to work or hitting the open road, there are more than a few innovations to automotive technology throughout the years.

    There are always automotive industry trends that are relevant to that time. Which automotive industry trend is the best depends on your needs. Here are the top 8 automotive technologies that you want to pay attention to in 2021.

    Remote control ride on car

    Some cars are now capable of things such as smart parking. A remote control ride on car means that you can control things like remote control parking all through the convenience of a smartphone app.

    Remote engine start is another major benefit, allowing users to warm their car up or cool it down without having to go outside. The remote aspect is really one of the coolest out there.

    Shared mobility

    Shared mobility has become a new trend as well, particularly for public transportation. Mobility solutions provide resolution for those who may not be able to afford their own vehicle, for instance.

    Through shared mobility and the transformation of public transit, people can get where they need to go with far greater convenience. That is huge in terms of helping those who are transcriptionally challenged get a job, for instance.

    Data science vs data analytics

    Big data security is more important than ever. There are a ton of big data analytics tools out there, but what is the difference between big science vs. data analytics? Knowing what that data is and how to best use it is of the utmost importance.

    By having better access to the information your car provides — performance, maintenance issues, etc. — you can better care for your vehicle. All of that equates to money saved and longer life out of your vehicles.

    Human-machine interface

    Interacting with the machine is another important part of the process. If you can’t tell the machine what you want it to do, how is it supposed to meet those demands? The human-machine interface is how.

    The touch screen is becoming more commonplace for human-machine interface systems. Just a few taps can tell your machine what you want it to do, from performance to maintenance. The human-machine interface programming of a vehicle can make it a clear favorite over another on the market.

    Printing technology

    Printing technology is also becoming more impactful in the industry. Just check out the benefits of 3D printing (and the future of 3D printing while you’re at it). You will see that there is a design for additive manufacturing within the automotive industry.

    Whether it be a 3D printing business, 3D printing electronics, 3D printing miniatures, or just finding the right 3D printing material, there is a world of possibilities to be had, particularly within the automotive industry. And we are just now beginning to unlock those possibilities.

    Autonomous AI

    Artificial intelligence technology solutions are also key in how we use our cars on a daily basis. Autonomous AI is making things like parallel parking easier than ever before. This also makes driving a safer endeavor, particularly when traveling long distances, than ever before.

    There are definitely artificial intelligence pros and cons depending on the application, but the pros are far outweighing the cons. That is why we are beginning to see such a move towards digital interface and AI applications for the cars that we drive.

    Wireless technology

    Total wireless plans are becoming more common. Having access to wireless is starting to become a more common demand. The newest wireless technology is going into these vehicles, connecting that wireless bridge.

    Whereas before, you could not take your laptop with you on the road, wireless access is becoming easier. That is giving greater versatility, particularly to those who find themselves traveling a lot.

    Most efficient electric motor

    We also want efficiency out of our cars. The most efficient electric motor can save thousands on gas each year. It also comes down to the type of electrical motor, like an electric outboard motor, for instance.

    Even a small electric motor is helping customers save thousands on gas over the life of the vehicle. Between that and the lessened environmental impact, it is clear where the benefit of this technology is. Making our cars efficient is great for lessening the dependence on oil, creating a more sustainable fuel source.

    Future of automotive technologies

    What is the future of automotive technology? What will the best automotive tech be in 5 years? What can we do to enable technologies, fund autonomous vehicles research, and drive the best auto technology?

    Part of it starts with an automotive technology degree. More professionals in the field only means more possibilities for the innovations that we can create. All of that means a more efficient vehicle. It also means creating a safer vehicle that not only protects families in crashes but prevents them from happening at all.


    The capabilities of our vehicles are greater than ever before. The average car is becoming smarter and more efficient than its predecessors. That means a lot of really good things, including better gas efficiency and a higher level of safety.

    At the end of the day, having an affordable, safe car is what most of us strive for. Not every car can deliver in both of those functions, so it is important to find one that can meet those needs.

    Moreover, finding convenience in how we operate these vehicles, tracking the data involved, and even the environmental impact they have are all becoming more important—the newer the car, the more innovations that we are seeing in their day-to-day operations.

    Also appears on Gadgets Magazine – July 2021 issue.

    The author, Liam Mills, is a supplier quality assurance manager, expert, and founder of ValueHunta.

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