City cruisin’ without breaking the bank: How the Ford Territory delivers fuel efficiency

    MobilityCarsCity cruisin’ without breaking the bank: How the Ford Territory delivers fuel...

    With gas prices in constant fluctuation, driving with fuel efficiency in mind is more important than ever before. The Ford Territory is fitted with clever technology to help make the most of every drop of fuel. With an EcoBoost engine that has an Auto-Start/Stop feature mated to an advanced 7-speed automatic transmission with wet type Dual-Clutch Engagement System, the Territory delivers exceptional responsiveness and performance.

    But whether you’re driving around the city or hitting the highway, there are a few things you can do to further reduce your fuel consumption.

    Drive thoughtfully

    Harsh acceleration and braking will dramatically affect your fuel consumption. Always observe the road ahead and the traffic around you and try to react to changes early so that you can accelerate slower, coast early, and brake gently. Smoother is better when it comes to driving efficiently.

    Never shift into Neutral when driving downhill to save fuel — this is a myth and is also dangerous. When you select D on your Territory’s rotary shifter, the smart shift logic ensures you are always in the most efficient gear for the speed and acceleration that you demand. Choose the driving mode that best suits you – whether it’s Normal, Eco, Sport, or Mountain — so you can enjoy a balance of power, torque, and fuel efficiency on all roads.

    Similarly, ensure that the Stop/Start function is enabled. This will allow for better fuel economy, as it helps the driver reduce the amount of fuel they use when coming to a full stop.

    Finally, cruise control isn’t just convenient; it can also save fuel. Ford Territory variants fitted with adaptive cruise control can control the accelerator, brakes, and transmission, delivering improved fuel economy and a smoother driving experience.

    Service is serious

    Make sure you stick to your vehicle’s service schedule. During the process, Ford service technicians will give your Ford Territory a thorough health check, looking for things that need replacing, cleaning or aligning. If, for instance, your wheels are out of alignment, not only is this a safety issue, but it could also be causing your vehicle to work harder and, therefore, use more fuel.

    Check your tires 

    The tires on your Ford Territory have been chosen specifically to provide the best blend of fuel economy and performance. Under-inflated or worn-out tires can increase their rolling resistance, which means your vehicle will work harder to reach and maintain a given speed, using more fuel.

    Check tire pressures regularly and make sure they are inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendation (you can find this on a placard on a door jamb). Fortunately, the Ford Territory is fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system, which will alert you if your vehicle’s tires need to be adjusted. 

    Weight is your enemy

    Be mindful of carrying unneeded items and, therefore, transporting unnecessary weight. Everything you carry makes your vehicle work harder, so it will use more fuel.

    Aerodynamics matters

    The Ford Territory’s standard-fit roof rails make installing roof racks and carrying awkward items much easier. But, like carrying unneeded items in your vehicle, owners using roof boxes or bike carriers should remove them when they are not used to avoid creating unnecessary drag on the vehicle when driving.

    Adapt to the weather

    The hot weather in our country will have you reaching for the air-conditioning, but using your vehicle’s climate system makes your engine work harder and use more fuel. Comfort is often more important than saving a bit of fuel, though. 

    Use your climate system’s Auto mode as much as possible to ensure its efficient operation. 

    The climate system’s Auto mode will enable its fuel-saving strategies and ensure that the climate control system reaches your desired temperature settings in the most efficient way possible.

    When parking in hot weather, try to keep your vehicle in the shade. This will help the cabin stay cooler for longer, which means your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard when you start driving. If you can’t find a shady spot to park, invest in a good-quality sunshade to help keep the cabin cool.

    Special Offer for the Territory 

    For the month of June, customers purchasing the Ford Territory can get the 5-Star Care Package with an additional PHP20,000 cash discount for the Ford Territory Titanium, or up to PHP40,000 cash discount, or as low as PHP14,000 low monthly.

    Customers can visit the Ford website or a Ford dealer nearest them for more details. 

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