Hycan EVs to launch in MIAS 2024

    MobilityCarsHycan EVs to launch in MIAS 2024

    Since its establishment in 2018, Hycan, born from the dynamic partnership between GAC (Guangzhou Automobile Group) and Pearl River Investment Management Group, has rapidly transcended its Chinese roots. It’s not merely a brand; it’s a global phenomenon, riding the surging wave of demand for sustainable transportation solutions. 

    Enter Transcorp, a subsidiary created by Sinoequip and Transequip, that has now expanded its portfolio to include the distribution of the electric vehicle brand HYCAN. It is introducing three innovative models to the Philippine market: the Z03, A06 Plus, and V09. 


    In a bold leap forward for electric vehicles, HYCAN proudly presents its crossover, the Z03, a groundbreaking model that seamlessly merges advanced technology with uncompromising comfort. Car users seeking unparalleled convenience and performance will find the Z03 particularly compelling, thanks to its exceptional features. Among its standout attributes is the front seats’ ability to recline 180 degrees flat, setting a new standard for in-car relaxation. Boasting a spacious interior with a class-leading 2750mm Extra-Long Wheelbase and 1900mm width, the Z03 ensures ample legroom and comfort for passengers. With a remarkable range of 620km, the Z03 outperforms competitors, offering extended travel without compromise. Its 3.3kW High Power Vehicle-to-load function (V2L) provides versatility, enabling users to power various devices on the go. Moreover, the Z03’s 160kW “Three-in-one” Laminated Flat Wire Motor delivers exhilarating acceleration, reaching 0-100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds, surpassing other brands in its class. The inclusion of an Intelligent Battery Management System and Magazine Battery Technology enhances efficiency and longevity, underscoring HYCAN’s commitment to sustainability. Notably, the Z03’s ergonomic design features, such as the leatherette seats, 6-way adjustable driver’s seat, and rotary knob gear shift, prioritize user convenience and adaptability. With its modern aesthetics, including 18″ aluminum rims, the Z03 stands out on the road as a symbol of sophistication and innovation. HYCAN’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility is evident in the Z03, offering car users a driving experience that redefines the EV landscape.


    HYCAN unveils the A06 PLUS, setting new benchmarks in electric vehicle innovation. Packed with advanced safety features like automatic rain-sensing wipers and dual front airbags, it prioritizes passenger safety. Customizable driving experiences are made possible with its adjustable braking energy recovery system. Featuring cutting-edge technology, such as a monochrome touch multi-functional steering wheel and a 14.6-inch intelligent central control screen, the A06 PLUS ensures seamless connectivity and control. Comfort is paramount with six-way adjustment for the driver’s seat, rear seat ventilation, and a front center armrest with a cupholder. Strategically placed by master sound engineers, the 11 speakers create a surround sound experience that fully immerses you in the atmosphere. Additionally, ventilated front seats and unobtrusive air vents ensure optimal temperature throughout the ride. With front MacPherson and rear five-link suspension adapting naturally to various surfaces, the A06 PLUS effectively smooths out bumps, providing a comfortable ride. Equipped with paddle shifters and racetrack-level handling, it offers an effortlessly intuitive driving experience. With a robust LFP battery offering a CLTC pure electric range of 520km and fast charging capability (30%-80% in 35 minutes), the A06 PLUS leads the pack in convenience and sustainability. Experience the future of electric mobility with the A06 PLUS. 


    HYCAN proudly unveils the V09, an electric MPV poised to revolutionize the Philippine market with its unparalleled blend of luxury, performance, and innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed to exceed expectations, the V09 sets a new standard for electric vehicles in the country. Step inside the V09 and experience luxury like never before, with premium Nappa leather seats meticulously crafted with a zero-gravity concept inspired by aviation, providing the ultimate in comfort and support. High-definition displays adorn the dashboard, offering crisp visuals and intuitive control, while the V09’s concert-level sound quality with 22 high-watt speakers ensures passengers are immersed in a world of music. Equipped with a powerful permanent magnet synchronous motor delivering 202 kW of peak power and a CLTC pure electric cruising range of 620km, the V09 offers exhilarating performance without compromise, complemented by its ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.265Cd for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency. Safety is paramount with features like hill hold control, hill descent control, and a comprehensive sensor suite offering 540-degree surround view coverage, ensuring peace of mind on every journey. Versatility and convenience are key, with adaptable seating configurations and convenient amenities like a portable table in the second row, catering to the needs of modern families. Experience the future of electric MPVs today with the HYCAN V09, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

    With Hycan, the future isn’t just electric; it’s exhilarating. So fasten your seat belts and prepare for the journey ahead, because the road to a cleaner, greener tomorrow starts now. 

    Hycan’s Philippine distributor, Transcorp, aims to provide exceptional service and support to customers looking to embrace sustainable transportation solutions. Their vision of being a leading supplier of heavy equipment and trucks and now cars of the highest quality, creativity, innovation, responsibility, and customer satisfaction aligns seamlessly with their mission to establish long-term cooperation relationships with reputable customers and principals, providing high-quality products and excellent service while contributing to the development of a sustainable environment in the Philippines. 

    To see the Hycan electric vehicles on display, head on to the SMX Convention Center venue of MIAS 2024.

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