Ride safely, efficiently this holiday season with Suzuki Philippines

    It’s that time of the year again. Besides the Christmas reunions and get-togethers, many Filipinos take advantage of the long holiday to bond with family and friends. A quick getaway or long ride out of town is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones and create more memories to last many more Yuletide seasons ahead.

    Suzuki Philippines, the country’s pioneer subcompact car distributor, lets you go on that road trip with your dearest ones this Christmas with fuel-efficient vehicles that are not only reliable on the road but are also safe and practical on the budget. With SPH’s well-loved Ertiga, Swift and Dzire, you can splurge on the destination, accommodations and food knowing you will save a lot on fuel costs.

    These well-loved Suzuki vehicles—Ertiga, Swift and Dzire—got impressive reviews from the AAP Fuel Economy Run for engine performance and fuel efficiency and consumption.The fuel economy run aims to provide accurate and relevant information on how much fuel vehicles consume in realistic driving conditions.

    The Ertiga, Suzuki’s top-selling unit and a family favorite, finished with a  20.51km/L performance, which translates to impressive fuel efficiency and engine performance for a seven-seater car. If the family plans to spend Christmas in Baguio or travel down south to the Bicol region, Suzuki Ertiga can definitely make you save gas and drive you safe this to your holiday bonding destination.

    The Suzuki Swift, the top pick of millennials among Suzuki vehicles, completed the fuel economy run with a 31.54km/L performance. This sleek hatchback guarantees smart fuel consumption while on the road, especially when bustling around the city or even while stuck in the traffic. You’re sure to reach your party venue even outside the metro this holiday season in the best style with the Swift.

    Another smart choice for a sedan is the Suzuki Dzire, which delivered a 25.81km/L rate during the fuel economy run. There’s nothing to worry if you need to hurry to catch up with relatives or college friends to a grand reunion this Christmas season because Suzuki Dzire can definitely deliver a smooth and fuel-efficient ride.

    Suzuki Philippines’ top-selling vehicles—Ertiga, Swift and Dzire—demonstrate fuel economy in line with AAP’s tests, reducing fuel consumption without compromising driving efficiency and optimal driving experience. With such strong engine performance and fuel efficiency, Suzuki Philippines guarantees enjoyable, practical and memorable travel with family and friends this holiday season.

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