VinFast VF 8 wins big at ASEAN NCAP

    MobilityCarsVinFast VF 8 wins big at ASEAN NCAP

    VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker, secured five out of six top safety awards for its D-segment SUV, the VF 8, from the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia (ASEAN NCAP) at a ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 28, 2024. 

    The VF 8, VinFast’s first international offering, embodies the company’s commitment to innovation and customer focus. Developed in collaboration with the renowned Italian design house Pininfarina, the VF 8 boasts a unique aesthetic that blends style with practicality and a forward-thinking vision. With its impressive ASEAN NCAP performance, the VinFast VF 8 establishes itself as a strong contender in the global electric car market. 


    The ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards are a biennial recognition of automakers demonstrating exceptional safety standards in their vehicles. It was created to raise consumer awareness of car safety and encourage the development and sale of safer vehicles in the region, playing a critical role in protecting drivers and passengers on Southeast Asian roads. 

    This year, the VinFast VF 8 emerged victorious in the following categories: “Best Child Occupant Protection,” “Best Safety Assist,” “Best Overall,” “Best Motorcyclist Safety,” and “Best SUV.” Facing competition from over 15 major manufacturers in Southeast Asia, VinFast’s exceptional performance across nearly all categories highlights its commitment to its customer-centric philosophy and dedication to an exceptional electric driving experience.

    The awards come after a rigorous evaluation process by ASEAN NCAP from 2022 to 2023, solidifying VinFast’s position as the leading safety benchmark in Southeast Asia and a respected organization on the global stage.

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