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Ecooter launches new E-scooters

Electronic Scooter maker, Ecooter, launched its latest e-scooters in the country, the new E2 series.

The E2 will come in two variations, the smaller E2L and its bigger brother E2R. 

The main difference between the two scooters is power and battery capacity. While both use a 64V battery, the E2L only has 20Ah and the E2R has 40Ah. A smaller battery means a shorter travel distance with the E2L coming in at only 80 km, while the E2R lasts up to 140 km. 

When it comes to charging times, the E2L takes about 2.5 hours while the larger battery of the E2R takes about 5 hours. However, both bikes do have an extra battery space to double their travel distance.

The smaller E2L also uses a smaller power output coming in at 2500 W while the E2R nearly doubles that with its 4200 W. Performance-wise, the E2L only has a maximum speed of 75 kph but the bigger E2R can push it to 90 kph.

Both bikes do share some features, such as an all-LED screen and a smart key. Additionally, both bikes will have access to Ecooter’s smart app which displays all the necessary information of the scooter on to the user’s smartphone, such as battery capacity, range check, and vehicle status. You can also customize the scooter using the app to suit your driving style or optimize it to suit your driving route. 

The new E2 scooter is now available in all Ecooter dealers nationwide. The E2L will start at PHP 95,000 and the E2R will start at PHP 190,000. You can also buy additional batteries in their shops with the 64V20Ah at PHP 35,000, the 64V30Ah at PHP 50,000, and the 64V40Ah at PHP 65,000. All the batteries come with a fast charge adaptor.