Hino’s Modern Jeepneys Build on Company Expertise in Vehicle Body Building

    Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, upgrades its public utility vehicles product lineup to offer modernized jeepneys in line with the government’s modernization program.

    From design to production, Hino takes pride in its modern jeepney prototypes, which are developed in compliance with the PUV modernization requirements. Filipinos can expect the same premium product and service quality Hino trucks and buses have been known for.

    Mini Bus design outside, Hino Modern Jeepney inside: A closer look

    As a one-stop shop for trucks and buses, Hino provides various customization solutions for a wide range of clients from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to local government units. With the current administration keen on improving the transport system with its PUV modernization program, Hino sees an opportunity to further serve the Filipinos by developing greener and more efficient public transport options.

    Hino designed modern jeepney prototypes that take into consideration not only government requirements but the welfare of the end-users as well. Hino met and talked with different jeepney operators and cooperatives, and the discussions helped improve Hino’s blueprints. In designing the prototypes, Hino’s priorities revolve around delivering more comfort to the commuting public without compromising safety. For the operators, it is optimizing maintenance costs for the long term.

    One of Hino’s designs is the PUV Class III 4-wheeler with a 6-meter chassis. (Figure 1) Designed like a mini bus, this modern jeepney has a seating capacity for 19 passengers with one entry and exit point. The interior is patterned after the conventional jeepney, with the seats facing each other. The layout provides ample space in the middle to accommodate passengers, especially those who will not mind standing during the ride making it available to 26 commuters.

    Another Hino modern jeepney prototype is the Hino Class III model. This mini bus type has ample room for front-facing passenger seats, secured with seabelts for additional safety. It has Denso air-conditioning system to ensure comfort for the passengers, in particular during hot summer days in the country. A total of 23 passengers can fit in the Hino Class III jeepney.

    Jeepney 2.0: Cleaner, safer version of “the king of the road”

    Compliant with the guidelines set by the PUV modernization program, Hino’s jeepney prototypes were manufactured according to the dimensional limits set by the PNS 2126:2017 standards of the Bureau of Philippine Standards. This is the classification of the modern PUVs, which come in four classes — Class 1 PUV, Class 2 PUV, Class 3 PUV and Class 4 PUV —based on vehicle size, seating capacity and driving environment.

    Hino’s Total Support mantra, which is aligned with the government’s aim of creating a more sustainable transport system for the Filipinos, guides the company in adopting a technology that does not contribute to increasing carbon footprint. Hino’s modern jeepneys are all powered by Euro 4 engines to optimize engine performance and efficiency, which then results in lower maintenance costs in the long run.

    Hino’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its passengers in every commercial vehicle it manufactures extends to the modern jeepney prototype. These modernized jeepneys make use of the latest technology to guarantee safe driving and riding. They feature a speed limiter, GPS, CCTV and dashboard-mounted camera. They also adopt the Beep card system, allowing the driver to stay focused on the road.

    Hino has been actively participating in different expositions to showcase its modern jeepney prototypes. Its variants of the PUV 4-wheelers for Class II and III in AC and non-AC versions were displayed at the Motor Show 2018 event from April 24 to 27 at LTO East Avenue, Quezon City. Hino also participated in the recent Public Transport Modernization Expo organized by the Department of Transportation.

    “Hino is excited to provide the Filipinos with an even better version of our iconic jeepney. Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of our current transport system and make it sustainable while addressing the needs of our passengers,” said HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills, Jr.

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