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Honda takes Lipa, Batangas


Last August 23, Honda held the first leg of the Honda Road Tour at Robinson’s Place Lipa,in the presence of thousands of Lipeño Honda fans. The event started with a tour of the City, and a short run outside the city proper. Various Honda memorabilia, such as pins, shirts, and Gilas caps were given to those who were present at the event, and participated in the many activities throughout the day. Lipeños were treated to Learn to Ride, and Free Ride seminars, as well as games to make the trip worth everyone’s while.


Just as the sun started to set, Honda brought out the bands, giving the Robinson’s Lipa parking lot the festive feel the event deserved, with the Mocha Girls taking center stage as the concert’s main act. The reason for the celebration, however, was the unveiling of the Honda BeAT, Wave 125 Alpha, and TMX Supremo by Advertising Section Head Lemuel Buenaflor.


The Lipa leg of the 2014 Honda Road Tour is just the beginning. The team will be travelling to many other provinces and cities this year, so stay tuned, and catch it when it hits a venue