Isuzu Iloilo took home ‘2017 Dealer of the Year Award‘

    Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) recently recognized its top performing dealers in 2017, through its annual dealer awarding ceremony. Besting 21 other Isuzu dealerships nationwide, Isuzu Iloilo receives its first-ever Dealer of Year Award in 2017.

    Lead by IPC President Hajime Koso, the annual awarding ceremony recognizes not just its top dealers but the combined efforts of the entire Isuzu dealership network. “We are proud of what we are able to achieve record breaking sales of more than 30,000 units last year, on top of that significant increase on the parts and service –  all these are a result of the hard work provided by our dealer network,” said Koso.

    During the event, IPC awarded its over-all top performer – Isuzu Iloilo, followed by top contender Isuzu Cagayan De Oro (2nd place) and then Isuzu San Pablo (3rd place).

    Isuzu Iloilo Branch Manager, Rene Tagamolila and officers from the dealership were present to receive the award. “There is no single strategy to achieve this award, all year-round we are focusing on the needs of our customers, not just in sales but most importantly in parts & service. We’re just really thankful that all our efforts are being recognized through this award,” Tagamolila said.

    Aside from the over-all dealer award, IPC also gave recognitions for different categories. The Best in Sales Category was awarded to Isuzu Mandaue, followed by Isuzu Batangas (2nd place) and then Isuzu Alabang (3rd place).

    Meanwhile, the Best in Parts Category was presented to Isuzu Cagayan De Oro, followed by Isuzu San Pablo (2nd place) and then Isuzu Batangas (3rd place). Apart from the top award, Isuzu Iloilo also received the Best in Service award, followed by Isuzu Cavite (2nd place) and Isuzu Pasig (3rd place).

    Another award was given to Isuzu Cagayan De Oro for the Best in Customer Service Category, followed by Isuzu Cabanatuan (2nd place) and Isuzu Iloilo (3rd place).

    Individual award was given to the top Sales Executive of the Year, which was awarded to Mr. Yuri Abalo from Isuzu Mandaue for achieving the highest sales across all Isuzu dealerships. Abalo is also recognized for being one of the top truck seller in the network.

    “Our annual dealer of the year award shows that all our dealerships go through a certain standard – Isuzu standard, to ensure that we are providing the best product and service to all our clients nationwide,” Koso mentioned. “Every year, we study and improve these standards to meet current market expectations, so our customers can be assured that we are doing our best specially to sustain customer satisfaction,” he added.

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