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Kia launches the Rio EX-S, the fully-loaded sedan

Kia Rio Ext (4)

The launch of the Rio last year proved to be a success and there’s no stopping Kia. This month, Kia introduces the fusion of one of its most loved models with one of the most stylish vehicles in its current line-up, the 4-Door Rio EX-S.

The 4-Door Kia Rio EX-S is the newest sedan model for the Rio line that incorporates the features of the 5-Door Rio hatchback without compromising space and convenience.

Drive in any weather and in any city with ease through this sedan’s autolight and audio steering wheel controls, rain sensor, start/stop button system, 17-inch alloy wheels, and Bluetooth connectivity. Take advantage of unique style and functionality of the Rio EX-S’ cruise control, full auto-climate control and a trip computer that shows the outside temperature, distance travelled, door ajar, and more. A 1.4L Gamma gasoline engine with Continuous Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) and 4-speed automatic transmission completes the sedan’s ideal blend of innovation and comfort.

Fully loaded with efficiency and style, the 4-Door Kia Rio ES-X is priced at PHP 848,000.