Maxxis Launches New Tire Innovations

    The trusted leader in tire technology, Maxxis, introduces four new products which aim to take you further. Its roster includes the Premitra HP5, Mecotra ME3, Bravo HPM3, and the RAZR MT772.

    As a global brand based in Taiwan, Maxiss creates continuously new ranges of tires that cater to the very specific needs of every driver. Named as one of the few manufacturers that have consistently passed the stringent European (ECE/E4), North American (DOT), Japanese (JATMA), and Chinese (CCC) standards.

    The high-end Premitra HP5, that is crafted for sports cars, has a full silica tread compounding that delivers high-speed traction, as well as excellent wet and dry performance. There’s also a new engineered rib pattern design for improved straight line stability on high speed operations with superb response in handling, as well as four main grooves to enhance water dispersal.

    Mecotra ME3 , which is typically installed for sedans, has an optimal bead design that absorbs impact for better rolling resistance performance. Its contact patch is enhanced for a better handling with wet pavements, Its new 3D sipe technology stays open during contact with the road, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

    Designed for SUVs, the Bravo HPM3  has a continuous center rib with slanted sipes for high-speed stability and wide circumferential grooves that improves hydroplaning resistance. It also produces a virtual white noise for a quieter ride.

    Last on its lineup is the RAZR Mt772. Featuring an innovative sidewall design and new chemical fillers, the 4 x 4 tire maximizes traction superb puncture resistance. Its dual-cord casing ply features intertwined reinforcement fibers, dramatically improving the casing strength for superior toughness.


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