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Havoline joins the 2015 Toyota Fest Philippines

source: legitmanila.com

Last May 23, Caltex Lubricants Philippines teams up with 2015 Toyota Fest Philippines in Bulacan.

Havoline takes part in the 2015 Toyota Fest Philippines where over 400 Toyota car owners and enthusiasts gather and showcase their vehicles. This time, the team participated with the Altis Club of the Philippines, a 5,000-strong community of Toyota Altis owners, which was also tapped as the official partner of the Drive to Protection: Tune Up for the Ultimate Road Trip Experience campaign. A convoy of more than 50 Havoline-branded Altis cars filled the streets of Manila to make its way to the venue in Bulacan, each representing Caltex and Havoline at the event.

60 convoy of Altis Club of the Philippines  (1)

According to Caltex, “The Toyota Fest is the perfect place for our team to showcase the protect your investment benefit of Havoline because at this event, we met with various car enthusiasts who obviously do what it takes to protect their precious Toyota cars,” said Michelle Sayat, Marketing Manager, Philippines.

Havoline car in Edsa (1)

Havoline engine oils provides protection for your car’s engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions. Its Deposit Shield Technology has been proven to act as shield to protect the engine’s performance and life.

Havoline products are displayed and being sold at the event. Customers were entitled to a discount at the change oil bay near the Havoline booth. Free refreshments were served to those who liked the Havoline Facebook page, while a Samsung phone and tablet were awarded to the most creative hashtag #ProtectYourInvestment facebook post, as well as to the winner of the XBOX Racing Challenge.

Havoline Booth at the ToyoFest (1)

“Taking part in this annual event is such an experience for us,” shared Sayat. “Our campaign’s goal is to let the people know how important it is to keep your car in its best shape so you can focus on your journey and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free, and worry-free drive.  And that we are always here to keep things easier for motorists and better for their cars. Our campaign may end with this last leg, but we know that we taught people how vital it is to have a well-maintained car so they can have their ultimate road trip experience.”

The Drive to Protection: Tune Up for the Ultimate Road Trip Experience campaign was launched last March when Havoline engine oils products were re-launched in the country. Since its launch, the Havoline team visited summer destinations Zambales, Boracay and Baler for its first three legs and emphasized the other three benefits which are protects engine performance, fuel economy, and the environment.