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IPC sets record February; sells 1,813 units

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) continues their strong performance this 2015, logging an even better February to complement their January sales figures.

According to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA), the all-new Isuzu mu-X managed to ship a combined 1,500 units for January and February, a huge difference from the 78 units sold for its predecessor, the Isuzu Alterra, during the same period last year.

In February alone, the mu-X saw 941 sales. Meanwhile, the N-Series light-duty truck accumulated 382 sales for a 75.2 percent growth. Year-to-date, the N-Series has sold 538 units, a 37.9 percent boost over the 390 units sold last year.

The impressive performance of the two softened the blow of the Isuzu Crosswind’s weak outing, which went down to 470 units year-to-date from 894 in 2014. The Crosswind also saw a 52.7 percent decline in February, totalling just 213 sales versus the 451 for the same month last year.

Likewise, the D-Max pickup truck saw a 15-percent year-to-date decline to 488 units compared to the 575 last year. For February, it fell 22.6 percent, delivering only 243 sales versus 2014’s 314 shipments.

Despite these setbacks, IPC grew 56-percent year-to-date for a total of 3,040 sales, a huge step up from the 1,949 units sold year-over-year.

IPC President Nobuo Izumina said that the IPC’s sales performance within the first two months of the year “reflect the strong lineup for the Philippines.”

“Our record only shows that Isuzu Philippines Corporation has a strong product lineup that is made up of various vehicles with specific purpose and offer great value for money. With the continued strength of the Philippine economy, such performance could go on as 2015 progresses,” Izumina added.

He also said that the slight drop in sales on some units are only due to the few calendar days that February has and that Filipinos are only recuperating from all the expenses that came upon January. “We expect better sales from our lineup, especially to our best-selling Isuzu Crosswind AUV,” concludes Izumina.