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Isuzu mu-X leads Isuzu PH’s 52-percent five-month growth

According to a report from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Incorporated (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA), Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has sold a total of 8,010 vehicles through the first five months of 2015, a 51.9-percent improvement over the 5,273 units sold during the same period last year. Overall, IPC currently ranks fourth in the local automotive scene with a 7.5 percent market share.

The strong sales performance was spearheaded by the latest Isuzu mu-X which managed to sell 3,732 units during the said period, 46.6-percent of IPC’s total sales. The figure is 1,804-percent better than the January to May sales of its predecessor, the Alterra, which only managed 196 sales during 2014.

The light-duty N-series trucks contributed 1,447 units to the total five-month tally, showing a 34.9-percent year-over-year increase compared the 1,073 units rolled out last year. Moreover, IPC’s bigger trucks and buses also gained momentum delivering 122 units from January to May 2015, a 114-percent growth versus the 57 units in 2014.

The models’ performance softened the disappointing sales of the Isuzu Crosswind which only reached 1,577, a 31.6-percent decrease versus the 2,304 units shipped for the same period last year. The D-Max pick-up truck didn’t fare any better, selling only 1,132 units for January to May 2015 as compared to the 1,643 units last year, a 31.1-percent cut.

IPC president Hajime Koso expressed confidence that the sales trend would improve through the rest of the year as the mu-X continues to gain following. “Aside from our usual beloved followers which are entrepreneurs, companies with vehicle fleets, and other businesses that continuously patronize our trucks, the mu-X is also gaining fame in the local automotive scene. We believe that this would continue in the remaining months of the year.”

“I would like to extend my gratitude to all Filipino’s for the steadfast trust given to our brand. In return, Isuzu will continue to provide durable, reliable, and fuel-efficient models,” Koso added.