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Pilipinas Shell introduces its latest range of engine oil for light-duty trucks

Recognizing the growing demands for logistics in the e-commerce industry, Pilipinas Shell launches its newest range of premium lubricants.

Made for light-duty vehicles such as pickups and light-duty trucks, the Shell Rimula Light Duty has a Dynamic Protection Plus Technology that protects the engine, lessens carbon deposits, and improves fuel economy. The technology protects against engine wear and tear caused by constant stopping and starting when stuck in traffic and has anti-oxidation components that prolong oil life. Apart from breaking down soot and deposit build-up for vehicles carrying variable loads, Shell’s Dynamic Protection Plus Technology improves engine cleanliness, emitting fewer carbon deposits at 46%.

“We are positive that these products will shed a whole new outlook to the business of logistics. But more importantly, we want this to be our driver’s partner-in-crime,” said Anthony Wee, marketing manager for Lubricants, Pilipinas Shell. “Because of this, the new range of products will come at an affordable price point.”

The launch also gives light to the role of light-duty trucks in e-commerce as the primary logistics vehicle. Through a panel discussion, key players in the industry discuss how online platforms such as Shopee and Lazada have pushed the exponential growth of the Philippines’ e-commerce industry in the last couple of years. According to Bloomberg’s report, it is predicted to skyrocket the country’s e-commerce gross merchandise value (GMV) to $10 billion by 2025. This increasing customer demand and supply entails the need for more functional logistics solutions. The list of speakers includes senior manager for Sales Operations of Transportify Jesli Gloria, country head of Ninja Van Philippines Martin Cu, head of Regulatory and Public Affairs of Angkas George Royeca, technical manager for PH Lubes of Pilipinas Shell DJ Javier, and product application specialist of fShell Global Lubricants Al Silva.

The Shell Light Duty Range is scheduled to rollout in August.