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Rainchem launches Raimol Titanium Fuel Saver

Rainchem International Inc. (Rainchem) is now introducing the Raimol Titanium Fuel Saver, the new and economical way to save fuel intended for diesel and gasoline engines. Raimol Titanium Fuel Saver features power and acceleration improvement. This revolutionary product does not only enhances the engine’s life but it also offers excellent corrosion protection.

As the company continues to provide cost-saving measures by extending and improving engine oil, Rainchem also wants to announce another breakthrough product: Raimol Tribofilm Oil Additive. This product prolongs engine life, reduces oil and fuel consumption for gasoline and diesel engine. It is also compatible with all types of engines.

Rainchem is a 100% Filipino-owned company managed by Robert Dela Pena, a chemical engineer and its president and CEO.

Since 1995, Rainchem has been serving a wide variety of consumers of heavy industrial lubricants, marine transport oil, greases, motor and engine oils and of more than hundreds of corporations.

Rainchem has started its export business in 2017 initially in Vietnam. Negotiations with Papua New Guinea are in the pipeline. The company is making itself viable with other Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

Rainchem is also into distributing biodegradable and eco-friendly home care cleaning solutions, under our brand Nature’s Rain.