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Scania launches the new truck generation in the Philippines

Scania regional sales director for trucks in Africa and Asia-Pacific Johan Gemback,

European brand for commercial vehicles, Scania, recently launched its state-of-the-art trucks that are designed and engineered to give fleet owners greater productivity.

Ten years in the making, the New Truck Generation lineup is the biggest investment of Scania to date in the region ($3 million) and has traveled a total of 12 million kilometers on test drives before its formal launch. With the new range, Scania offers sustainable transportation solutions for each type of sector. The trucks also boast a number of features that improve fuel economy, driver environment and safety, and reliability.

According to Johan Gemback, Scania’s regional sales director for trucks in the Asia Pacific and Africa, the refreshed trucks cut fuel consumption up to 5 percent through the equipped advanced powertrain. This results to optimize driving performance and improved aerodynamics. Scania also enhances the interiors and exteriors of its commercial vehicles for functionality. Drivers can now have a better view of the road via an instrument panel and A-pillars, mated with an adjustable driver seat that can be moved up to 6.5 mm closer to the windscreen. Scania also collaborated with its sister company, Porsche Engineering, to make a tougher-looking exterior made with high tensile steel.

Among its safety features include rollover side curtain airbags, advanced emergency braking system, optional camera sensors, and warning systems. To cater to other industrial sectors and minimize downtime, the new generation of trucks from Scania also adopts a unique modular system where customers can customize the vehicle configurations including the cabs, engines, and chassis. Companies can also use the Scania Fleet Management System for real-time tracking and managing of their vehicles and drivers.

“At Scania, we believe that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Our approach to sustainable transport is based on these three pillars⁠— energy efficiency, alternative fuels, as well as smart and safe transport. And the bottom line is all about maximizing our customer’s profitability,” Gemback shared.

Scania is also set to open its first assembly plant in the Philippines later this year.