Corsa Motorcycle Tires joins Febpublika 2024 with motostunt riding competition

    MobilityMotorcyclesCorsa Motorcycle Tires joins Febpublika 2024 with motostunt riding competition

    Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines participated in the Malolos Febpublika 2024 event, held at the Malolos Convention Center last February 24, 2024. This collaboration with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Malolos marked a significant contribution to celebrating the founding of the first republic, enriching the festivities with an exhilarating display of skill and precision. 

    As part of the event, Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines supported the Motostunt Riding Competition, aiming to uplift the spirit of stunt masters across the Philippines. The competition served as a platform to foster the development of riding skills in a controlled environment through healthy competition. Emphasizing the belief that riding is not merely a mode of transportation but an art form requiring precision control, the event aimed to hone skills and discipline among riders. 

    “We are thrilled to be part of Malolos Febpublika 2024 and to support the Motostunt Riding Competition,” said Janis Crisostomo, marketing consultant of Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines. “At Corsa, we understand the importance of providing riders with the necessary tools and support to enhance their riding experience. Our high-performance tires are designed to offer superior grip and control, ensuring riders push the boundaries of their skills safely.” 

    The highlight of the competition was undoubtedly the Corsa Traction Masters’ prowess, showcasing their remarkable showmanship of skills with their bikes. By demonstrating the capabilities of Corsa Motorcycle Tires, the Corsa Traction Masters underscored the importance of having reliable and trusted equipment for riders to maximize their potential. 

    In support of this endeavor, Febpublika 2024 was also graced by Jabbre Motocom, Omega, Respol, Aeropak, and Blaupunkt, further reinforcing the commitment to enhancing riding skills and safety within the community. 

    Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines remains committed to supporting the riding community and fostering a culture of excellence and road safety. Through initiatives like the Motostunt Competition at Malolos Febpublika 2024, Corsa aims to inspire riders to continually improve their skills while emphasizing the importance of responsible riding practices. 

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