Rising Star: HATASU’s rise to the top

    MobilityMotorcyclesRising Star: HATASU's rise to the top

    In the last couple of years, the shape of mobility in the country has drastically changed. For one, mobility solutions have become more accessible and affordable to more Filipinos. One of the leading causes for the shift is the changing mobility landscape.

    Over the last couple of years, we have seen the rise of ebikes (electronic bikes) in the Philippine market. E-bikes offer Filipinos a more economical way of traveling within the metro: they don’t utilize gas, so you’re not under the pressure of rising costs; maintenance is easy with the electric motor and battery; and finally, you get more with your money’s worth since some bikes can ride more passengers per peso spent.

    Among the various ebikes that have popped up, HATASU has stood out among the rest. Unlike most ebikes in the market, HATASU offers various models specially tailored for certain individuals. These models are also priced really well, with a model suited for whatever budget you have.

    If you’re on the lookout for a HATASU bike for your needs, here’s what they have to offer.

    KUMI 2023

    The KUMI 2023 is a two-wheeler bike made for individuals who want a hassle-free ride to school or work. It may be the least powerful among HATASU’s lineup fitted with a 350W dynamo motor and a 48V 20AH lead-acid battery, but it can still keep up with the rest! It has a max speed of 25kph and can last to 40-50km in range. There’s also a display panel with an LED battery indicator to tell when to charge the bike.

    It also comes with a front basket where you can store your bags and maybe some small groceries. It also has a passenger saddle, perfect for either bringing the kids to school or picking up the wife from work.

    The KUMI 2023 comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Red. Also available in Lazada.


    The HATASU NERO is the big brother of the KUMI. This two-wheeled ebike was made for those who want an upgrade from their usual bikes or even a break from the rising gasoline prices.

    As the bigger bike, it has a bigger 400W dynamo motor that can power it up to 25kph. For battery, it has a 48V 20AH lead-acid battery, which HATASU estimates to reach 40 to 50km on a full charge.

    It has tons of features like a park button that keeps the ebike securely motionless when parked even when on a hill or a steep road, a digital display where you can see panel information like battery status, speed, and mileage clearly even in broad daylight. The NERO also comes with an underseat compartment in addition to the front basket, allowing for more storage. It also has a passenger saddle with a backrest so your passenger can ride with comfort and confidence. In case you don’t have a plus one, the passenger seat can be transformed to hold delivery boxes, a great feature for those who want to use the ebike for their business.

    The NERO comes in two color options: Red and White. Also available in Lazada.


    The HARU is a compact three-wheeler perfect for those apprehensive about a two-wheel ride. This ebike offers better stability and comfort compared to the usual two-wheeler option, with the added benefit of still being small and compact for easy handling and parking options. The HATASU HARU is equipped with a powerful 500W differential motor that reaches up to 25kph. It also has a 40 to 50km range with its 48V 20AH lead-acid battery.

    The HATASU HARU makes rides more comfortable with its wide and cushioned saddle-seat. Storage space is plenty, too, with its mini underseat compartment and front basket, perfect for those brief
    market trips.

    The HARU comes in two colors: Red/Black colorway. Also available in Lazada.

    MAKO 2

    The HATASU MAKO 2 is made for families. The MAKO 2 seats three individuals, maybe even four if you’re carrying small kids.

    With a bigger frame and wide base, the MAKO 2 offers a stable ride. It’s also one of the most powerful ebikes in the HATASU lineup, with its 650W differential motor enabling it to reach a maximum 25kph. It also has a 48V 32A lead-acid battery, which allows it to have a range of 60-70km, meaning less charging times and more savings.

    This three-wheeled ebike is also packed with family friendly features such a motorcycle suspension fork which compensates for bumps and uneven roads. Its roof set and tempered glass windshield protect both driver and passengers from rain or shine. Finally, its brighter LED headlight keeps you and your family safe at night.

    The MAKO 2 comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Grey. Also available in Lazada.


    The HATASU HERO is the brand’s flagship ebike. The HERO is made for the various needs of the everyday Filipino. It has a 650W differential motor, allowing the bike to up to 25kph. It also has a 60 to 70km range, allowing longer travel or lesser charge times.

    What makes the HATASU HERO standout among other three-wheeled ebikes is its dual eagle-eye Headlight that is three times brighter compared to ordinary ones and is visible even in broad daylight. Its patented leather roof and back cover make it lighter than most for a more energy-efficient ride yet still protect you and your precious cargo from the elements. The dual horn is
    an added safety bonus to keep you and your family safe in your travels.

    The HERO comes with multiple storage options from an underseat compartment and even a back compartment. There’s also a USB port that can be used to charge your phone as you navigate your way through the metro.

    The HERO comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Grey. Also available in Lazada.

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