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Never Second, the Yamaha Mio remains the #1AT in the Philippines since 2007

Yamaha Mio Aerox 155

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. continues to cultivate every Filipino’s ride with the #1AT Yamaha MIO series. Since 2007, Yamaha has been leading the country in providing Automatic Motorcycle excellence and has shaped thousands of people’s lives on how riding serves not just a daily use but a projection of character. Roads are now filled with Yamaha’s signature AT—Mio Sporty, Mio i125, Mio Soul i125, and Mio Aerox, representing everyone’s style and personality.

Dominating its class every year, The Yamaha AT market growth has been remarkable over the past 12 years. This 2019, the total automatic category share is now at its 43% with Yamaha holding 62% of this segment.

The Yamaha AT lineup is the staple of excellence in its category. Often imitated but never duplicated! The number one automatic motorcycle in the Philippines since the beginning and always will be. It allowed us to express ourselves, it has opened our world, to be more, lets us choose our story, escape from our boring routines, and made us unstoppable. What’s next for the Yamaha MIO? We’ll see this 2019.

Yamaha Mio Sporty
Yamaha MIO i 125
Yamaha Mio Soul i125