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Suzuki Motorcycles posts 36% growth in the first quarter of 2019

SkyDrive Sport, Raider R150 New Fuel Injection, Raider R150 Carburetor

Suzuki Motorcycles, a division of Suzuki Philippines Inc. (Suzuki), reports strong start in terms of volume sales this 2019, according to the data of Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association Inc. This is after the brand’s first-quarter sales records indicate a growth of 36% up from 22% last year.

Suzuki will be celebrating its 100th year in 2020 and this is its biggest recorded growth of 2% in the Philippines in terms of market share. These results are brought about by the brand’s sales achievement in the Underbone and Scooter categories as a by-product of the brand’s integrated sales, marketing, and brand communication strategies.

The records affirmed Suzuki as now the most preferred Underbone maker in the Philippines, with 45% market share in the said category, due to the market domination of the Underbone King-Raider R150 and the No. 1 Selling Underbone Motorcycle in the Country (Underbone Leisure Category)-Smash Stylish Colors.

The data also shows the favorable reception of Filipinos to the Skydrive Sport, which is Suzuki’s latest offering at the Scooter segment. The model, which was launched August last year, is perfect for beginners and young riders. It has greatly contributed to the Japanese company’s growth of 357% in the Scooter category.