Yamaha Club Mania: Captures more than just a ride in Mindanao!

    MobilityMotorcyclesYamaha Club Mania: Captures more than just a ride in Mindanao!

    Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH) concludes the third leg of the Yamaha Club Mania in Davao, captivating all YClub Mindanaoans’ riding passion. Held at the Davao Convention Center, hundreds of Mindanaoans enjoyed the fun-filled Saturday with their co-YClub riders.

    By defining “more than just a ride,” the new era of Yamaha Club dedicates its activities to providing a collaborative experience where every rider can create moments, have fun, and strengthen the riding community all together on and off the motorcycle.

    What’s in the #YClubManiaMindanao?

    Following the journey in Luzon and Visayas, stories were shared throughout the Mania Mindanao. Starting from the breakfast ride, YMPH headed the roster of club group presidents and vice presidents to the event venue traveling the roads of Davao while savoring the companionship made within the YClub community.

    The convention center was modified into a blue-colored fair, and the new YClub logo served as the event’s outdoor centerpiece. There were prizes found in activities, raffle items, and in-program games, ensuring that every attendee would have an opportunity to take home something special from Yamaha.

    Besides the fun and games, YMPH made sure that every YClub rider understands their responsibility to be a sensible motorcycle owner. Yamaha, as a motorcycle manufacturer, created a discussion about planning a long ride with safety touring guidelines – how to condition your motorcycle and yourself as a rider.

    Guest speakers from different fields have also joined the mania to impart their knowledge and experience. From the Department of Tourism, Ms. Katherine Anuta-Rubio (Tourism Operations Officer II) shared information about Davao Touring Circuits for those riders who are planning their trip soon. Idolmoto and Ned Adriano shared their humble beginnings as motorcycle enthusiasts who once dreamt of becoming successful content creators.

    The YClub Mania conclusion ignites more passionate riders to embark on new adventures!

    After all the whole day activities and program, YClub riders in Mindanao are determined to seek new excitement with Yamaha. Its “More than just a ride” slogan has a significant meaning for every rider in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Even though apart by the oceans and waves, these islands were interconnected through the same riding passion — it is to make memories and build connections along the way.

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