MIO Gear Moto Campground: Unlocking new colors of toughness at CDO

    MobilityMotorcyclesMIO Gear Moto Campground: Unlocking new colors of toughness at CDO

    Yamaha Motor Philippines concluded its Mio Gear Moto Campground series in three days full of CDO adventures. Inviting media partners, motovloggers, and Cagayanon Mio Gear riders, the last weekend of November was filled with grit to win every challenge. Different from the previous legs, the last battle was made up of consecutive missions that every participant must accomplish — testing their sportsmanship, creating connections with one another, and proving how tough they all are.

    DAY 1: Five missions, two teams, and one mystery to solve

    Starting off the adventure, media and motovloggers faced off to solve the mystery kit delivered to their houses. Inside the box is mission #1, which must be accomplished in Manila. Little did they know, the mystery progresses to unfold as they came closer to CDO. The other missions tested their overall toughness: (1) Searching their assigned vehicle under a scorching sun; (2) demonstrating their photography skills as they looked for specific tourist areas in Gaston Park; (3) fulfilling the challenge of eating exotic delicacies; and (4) proving their minds in solving a tricky puzzle.

    In the last mission, their team coordination was at stake.  Each team must unlock a life-sized mystery crate. When the last padlock was unfastened by the Media Team, it revealed the newest colors of the Mio Gear and Mio Gear S.

    The four new colors have a matte finish with fewer painted parts, highlighting the extensibility feature of the motorcycle that allows customers to explore more designs and add accessories to their bikes.

    DAY 2: How tough are Cagayanons?

    For Day 2 of the Mio Gear Moto Campground, all challengers (media, vloggers, and Cagayanon riders) formed four different teams to take on the thrilling adventure and extreme rides of Dahilayan Park. With victory in mind, every challenger was ready to play and stay tough despite extensive rides awaiting them. The second part was a battleground where teams competed for the championship title.

    In contrast, the Campfire night was all about relaxation and looking back on what happened throughout the day. There was sharing of experiences, awarding of battleground winners, and announcing who among the challengers stood out the most.

    DAY 3: Challenges build character and Mio Gear gets you ready to take up more grounds to play

    The three-day Mio Gear Moto Campground adventure proved how far can Yamaha Motor Philippines creates an avenue for every rider across the Philippines. In the previous legs in Zambales and Cebu, all Mio Gear rider participants showed off how tough they were to take on the challenges. After all, having a motorcycle is more than just riding it. With Mio Gear, it’s about the ‘ready to play’ character you develop every step of the way.

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