YClub Leaders Summit: Yamaha Motor PH set to expand riding passion even more in 2024

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    The YClub Leaders Summit (previously known as the YClub National Conference) debuted this year as part of the YClub community rebranding. At this event, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH) and its Yamaha Club officers gathered to prepare for the next adventures in 2024. Being the one and only motorcycle brand that has a strong foundation with its customers, Yamaha Motor Philippines continues to be an enabler of creating exceptional experiences for the Filipino riding community. Held at the Crimson Hotel Alabang, the officers recapped their YClub moments in 2023 and were encouraged to share their suggestions for next year.

    Taking the lead and embracing what awaits on the road of life

    The year 2023 was about the Yamaha Club’s introduction of a new era and community rules. This revitalization was spread to all clubs nationwide to strengthen the connection and unify the interest in elevating the Filipino riding community. Now, the concept of this year’s YClub Leaders Summit revolves around the expansion of the community by creating impactful leaders, utilizing the power of persuasion and influence. With the additional five accredited groups, YClub now has a roster of 60 accredited clubs to set exciting New Year adventures. Within the program, all YClub officers have the opportunity to work as a team and come up with 2024 projects that could influence more riders to join the YClub and advocacies to enrich the lives of others.

    Yamaha also shared the brand’s initiative to centralize YClub-related information by announcing the newest Facebook page – this platform will serve as the official channel of YMPH to connect more with existing and potential YClub members next year.

    Celebration of hard work and riding passion

    In the evening, from discussions and planning, it all went down to a pure celebration of every YClub group’s effort throughout the year. Top clubs, presidents, best charity projects, and touring activities were all awarded motivating all leaders to sustain the relevance of having a ‘more than just a ride’ slogan. The entire night mirrored the mission of Yamaha Club – it is to fully embrace the changes as one family and look forward to more stories powered by everyone’s riding passion.

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