Nissan unveils the new NV350 Urvan

    MobilityNissan unveils the new NV350 Urvan

    Whether you have a lot of hardware, family members, passengers, or merchandise to move, the new Nissan NV350 Urvan is here to see you through. This massive van comes with a powerful 2.5L engine, based on the same platform as the powerful current-generation Navara pickup. This ensures you all the muscle you need, no matter what you’re going to be transporting. To help make sure drivers make the most of the engine, while remaining fuel-efficient, the dash now comes with a convenient shift indicator that lets you harness all that power, without wasting any of your precious fuel.

    Nissan has always been known for a reliable, powerful air-conditioner, and the NV350 is no exception. The re-designed vents ensure that even the rear-most passengers get cool air thanks to individual vents mounted on twelve points off-center on the van’s ceiling, even in our oppressive tropical

    Inside the smart cockpit, both the driver and front passengers alike will immediately feel the spacious freedom of the extra legroom and elbow room afforded by the redesigned interior space. The shift selector’s move onto the instrument panel board makes it easier for the driver to reach to when changing gears while at the same time, freeing up the floor area to create more space to stow bags in. The steering wheel features a moveable range for tilt, while the driver’s seat allows him to adjust the extent of the slide distance, for maximum driving comfort.

    Nissan is willing to stand by their vehicle. Owners of the NV350 get a thorough service experience thanks to the Nissan Customer Assistance Center, and the  Alagang Nissan Program, ensuring customers get affordable aprts and servicing, nationwide. Those who will use the all-new NV350 Urvan for utility purposes and will be registered as PUV will get to enjoy three years manufacturer’s warranty with no additional cost.

    The all-new NV350 Urvan will be made available starting June 15, in the following configurations and pricing:

    15-seater              PhP 1.183M

    18-seater              PhP 1.196M

    3-seater cargo       PhP 1.177M


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