Off-roaders Share Thrilling Stories with Nissan Patrol Super Safari

    MobilityOff-roaders Share Thrilling Stories with Nissan Patrol Super Safari

    It’s official! Patrol Super Safari is ending its production this year with the Legend Edition. With this model, Nissan Patrol caps off a successful 38-year ride.

    To end the journey of the legendary vehicle with a bang, we gathered three stories to relive thrilling off-road experiences with the Patrol Super Safari while also looking forward to the future of 4×4 vehicle: Christopher Walsh, an Australian off-roader based in the Philippines, driven to conquer challenging landscapes; Armie Esquivel, a female off-roader who likes automotive technicalities as much as she likes aesthetics; and James Ramos, a hobbyist off-roader who had the most exciting first out-of-the-city road trip.


    Christopher Walsh is no stranger to adventure. The Aussie lad began driving on rough roads as a kid. In a relief mission at Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan last December 2016, he and his group, family members, and local off-roaders, braved through harsh conditions. Rain started to fall while they were packing up. With the difficult terrain, a flood or landslide was likely to happen. Even with the dangerous driving conditions and the threat of getting stuck in the mountain for a week, the group pushed through. Owning a Safari unit for around two and a half years, Christopher never doubted his vehicle’s capability and reliability. Their 32-hour trek through the 7-kilometer jungle was an adventure, one that involved lifting and towing less capable vehicles along the way.

    According to Chris, the legendary Nissan Patrol is one of the few vehicles that could be driven off a car-lot and trailed in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) form without risks of break-down or failure. “The experience made me a believer of the Nissan Super Safari brand: legendary, tough, and unbreakable,” Chris says.

    What’s even more exciting is that the latest edition of Patrol Super Safari is now made bolder with Bull Bar that protects it from front collisions and a Tow Kit which comes in handy when off-roading.  Its new Roof Basket makes it more fitting to activities that require transportation of heavy luggage and equipment.


    Even today, you don’t see a lot of women driving 4x4s, but Armie Esquivel breaks the stereotype. An active member of car enthusiast groups, Armie also participates in car shows and off-roading sessions. She went off-road for the first time in 2016 with “Patootsie,” her Patrol Super Safari, in Sta. Inez, Rizal. Torrential rains compelled the other participants to back out from an otherwise organized off-roading session. Armie, however, pushed through with the trip with her friend, driven by first-time excitement.

    During the trip, Armie had to cross a raging river with her Patrol Super Safari. Residents nearby cheered her on as she fought against the force of the flowing water, which almost reached her headlights. Once she made it to the other side, Armie sighed with relief and knew that it was all worth it.

    Armie and Patootsie have been together for years, and she’s not looking for anything else. “It’s either Patrol Super Safari or none at all,” she declares.

    Armie says she fell in love with the new look of Patrol Super Safari Legend Edition, especially the Pearl Black version. However, when asked what her favorite aesthetic upgrades are, she picked Tan Leather Seats and Serialized Badge installed to its interior.


    James Ramos is an active member of Patrol Club of the Philippines. He met his Patrol Super Safari, “War Hammer,” in 2007.

    James went on his first off-road adventure two years ago. With six other vehicles, he drove through Sapang Bato at night. What made the trip more exhilarating was the steaming water from Mt. Pinatubo, which they had to drive over. After the trek, they camped out to take photos and play around the rocky spots in the location. With a heart for nature, James is confident that his Patrol Super Safari is the perfect off-road partner for his passion.

    James loves the boldness of his Patrol Super Safari. “It automatically demands respects when driven on the road,” he says.

    The limited edition of Patrol Super Safari, in fact, comes with a Side Decal and B-Pillar Door Slash, posing an even striking presence on the road.

    It might be the last production year for the Patrol Super Safari, but as long as thrill-seekers like Chris, Armie, and James, and countless other off-roaders continue to explore uncharted territories, the legacy of the legendary vehicle will live on.

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