Phoenix Petroleum Upgrades Fuels with Phoenix PULSE Technology

    Leading independent oil company Phoenix Petroleum has just rolled out its upgraded fuels powered with Phoenix PULSE Technology.

    Now available across all its fuel products, Phoenix PULSE Technology is a fuel additive with advanced cleaning and protection properties. Made with cutting-edge fuel technology by world-class fuel experts, this formulation enhances power and acceleration.

    With this upgrade, motorists get the benefit of no fuel filter blockage in diesel-powered vehicles, elimination of deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces, and total engine protection. Phoenix PULSE Technology also betters fuel economy when used continuously.

    “The launch of Phoenix PULSE Technology is in fulfillment of our goal to be the most credible alternative to the major brands. We enhanced our fuel products and improved our formulation not only to be able to compete with bigger players in the oil industry, but more importantly, to add value to every peso fueled up at Phoenix,” said Phoenix Petroleum chief operating officer Henry Fadullon.

    Along with the announcement, actress and racing enthusiast Rhian Ramos was revealed as the face of Phoenix PULSE Technology. “Phoenix Petroleum’s PULSE Technology-powered fuel is the perfect fit for me as I’m always on the go. I like adventure and living life with excitement and to the fullest, which is why I recommend Phoenix to every millennial who, like me, likes to get more for what they pay for,” said Rhian.

    Phoenix Petroleum has grown from five stations in Mindanao to 530 nationwide in just a span of 15 years. It is the fastest-growing oil company in the Philippines and continues to broaden its portfolio with the acquisition of Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc., now Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc. (for LPG products), and Philippine Family Mart. It will soon venture into the bitumen business.

    “As a homegrown brand, we aim to be the Filipinos’ top choice not only for their fuel needs, but also for fueling their dreams and aspirations. We work hard and continue to grow our business not only so we can bring our vision of being an indispensable partner to life, but also because as the next generation company, we want to provide this generation with the best products and services at the best value,” said Phoenix Petroleum president and CEO Dennis Uy.

    Phoenix PULSE Technology is available in all Phoenix stations in all fuel grades. Drive to the nearest Phoenix Petroleum station now to experience Phoenix PULSE Technology.

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