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Suzuki GD110: Combining efficiency and affordability


Touted as “ang pinaka-praktikal na motorsiklo para sa masang Pilipino” (the most practical motorcycle for the Filipino masses), the Suzuki GD110 is more than meets the eye. A Suzuki GD110 testimonial video that was posted by Suzuki PH in several social media platforms is a demonstration of how economical and sturdy the performance of this two-wheel drive is.

Solo riders, tricycle drivers, and employees who use motorcycles as part of their job lauded and expressed their satisfaction over the practicality, dependability, power and— to top it all off—the affordability of the GD110. Furthermore, the GD110’s motorcycle parts can be bought piece by piece and not by assembly, thus, riders are able to save their hard earned money.

The Suzuki GD110 boasts of the following features: a 4-stroke SOHC engine, delivering high combustion efficiency and low mechanical losses, and a metal honeycomb oxidation catalyzer inside its muffler that efficiently cuts down on carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions. Machine emissions are also reduced by the Suzuki PAIR (Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection) system that injects air into the exhaust port to ignite unburned gases.

In addition, the GD110 also has a BS-type carburetor, which helps lessen fuel consumption and enables smooth engine response to throttle action, a large-capacity air-cleaner box, and is devised with a 5-way adjustable rear suspensions that allows support to carry heavy loads (i.e when a sidecar is attached).

According to Suzuki Philippines, the GD110 is a new standard-setter for economical, fuel-efficient performance and user-friendly, low-environmental-impact operation.

The Suzuki GD110 is available at PHP 48,900.00

For more information about the Suzuki GD110, visit www.suzuki.com.ph or visit the nearest Suzuki dealership.