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Suzuki updates their underbone line with more FI models



To keep up with environmental and consumer concerns that demand for more fuel-efficient bikes, while still giving the kind of power that can put a smile on a rider’s face, Suzuki Philippines has added two new fuel-injected models to their underbone lineup.

The Raider J 115 and Shooter J 115 both boast electronically-controlled fuel injection that gives optimum performance under all riding conditions. The kind of efficiency provided by the FI models enables them to run upwards of 60 kilometers/liter, with more power and greater consistency than any naturally-aspirated motorcycle can deliver.


To add to the boost from the heart of the machines, both bikes offer updated styling that takes the aesthetically-pleasing lines of their big bike brothers, and adapts them to suit the Raider and Shooter frame.

As part of the strategy to promote the two new models, Suzuki has provided modular display areas, test ride packages and dealer incentives, sweetening the deal for prospective buyers and retailers alike. The displays will soon be making their way to malls all around the country, as well as your local dealers, so if you’re looking for a new ride, swing by and give them a shot.