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Terra Motors brings top-notch Electric Scooters to PH

Terra Motors, the leading electric scooter manufacturer in Japan, is taking the Bizmo electric scooter to Philippine shores.

The industry giant offers electric bikes and mobility scooters that are, to date, top of its class and also provides repairs services of such vehicles. Only two years after its establishment, Terra Motors Corporation rose to number one with some 3,000 units sold in 2011. They have since moved their focus to the Asia-Pacific region, which is a rich market that, globally, has 80% of the world’s scooter and motorcycle market. 

Terra Motors hopes to break into the Tricycle market by replacing traditional, noisy, smoke-belching motorcycles with clean, quiet, efficient electric models. The Bizmo, a 50cc electric motorcycle, which runs on a lithium battery that can be charged at any electrical outlet, will be first on the market. The Bizmo has a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour and a range of 70100km kilometers on ECO mode, with a charge time of 6 hours from a conventional outlet. 

Terra Motors CEO Toru Tokoshige said they wished to help “transform mobility and drive change by providing solutions to sustainable urban and metropolitan transport.”