The Isuzu D-MAX impresses Cebuanos in 4×4 Drive Series

    Mobility The Isuzu D-MAX impresses Cebuanos in 4x4 Drive Series

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    Previously taking on the rough terrains of San Fernando, Pampanga, the 2014 Isuzu D-MAX 4X4 Drive Series headed to Cebu.

    On May 9 to 11, Isuzu’s annual off-road driving event hit the roads of Mandaue for its Cebu leg. The local spectators were impressed at how the highly-acclaimed pickup proved its all-terrain standing amidst the rough-road setup. The participants engaged in various off-road exercises, having first-hand experience and instruction from experts, they learned techniques to maximize the advantages afforded by four-wheel drive vehicles.

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    Isuzu Philippines Corporation Executive Vice President Takashi Tomita said in his special message, “After the first run of the D-MAX 4×4 Drive Series in Pampanga, I am very excited to be here for the Cebu leg of our D-MAX 4×4 Drive Series, which will run in different areas in the Philippines:  Pampanga, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and of course, the dynamic province of Cebu.  We chose Cebu because of the strong contribution of Cebuanos to the over-all sales performance of the Isuzu D-MAX since its first launch in 2003”.

    The track of the Cebu leg of the Isuzu D-MAX 4×4 Drive Series was specifically designed to mirror the city’s local landscapes. The obstacles included 40-degree hill climb done in first gear and in second gear; 40-degree hill climb with a stall midway up; 40-degree descent without braking; lateral climb mount; driving over “elephant holes”; tackling trail ruts; camber right and camber left sides up in 40-degree angles; traversing a roundabout cone; lateral descent ditch crossing; driving over cross axle articulation rails; and, going on a steel-inclined plane with rollers.

    After the Cebu leg, the 2014 Isuzu D-MAX 4×4 Drive Series moves to Bacolod City on May 23 to 25; travels to Cagayan de Oro City on June 6 to 8; and culminates in Davao City on June 20 to 22.

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