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NAIA launches civility campaign

Emotions hit general manager Eddie V. Monreal while on the podium during his keynote speech at the press launch of the Manila International Airport Authority’s #DisipliNAIA civility campaign at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Gate 16 Terminal 1.

After welcoming those who were present at the #DisipliNAIA press launch on November 20, GM Monreal said, “We are all the man of this hour. We need your support, we need your help for us to be able to launch and sustain this campaign. Hindi po ito ningas kugon, hindi po ito ngayon lang. Kailangan po natin masustain ito.” At this point he paused, overcome with emotion, before continuing on with his speech.

For the past three years of going around the airport and seeing what he has seen as general manager of MIAA, GM Monreal had always hoped to launch a campaign like #DisipliNAIA. It was only this year when the general manager and his team garnered enough support and funding to launch #DisipliNAIA, a civility campaign that aims to raise awareness about proper behavior and good conduct at the airport. The initiative is being launched so that Filipinos are able to return to the positive values that make Filipinos citizens that are capable of observing rules and encouraging others to do the same.

“We’re going back to basics. Basics in a sense na ‘gawin ang tama’, ‘gawin ang nararapat’ without people telling us what to do,” he said. As evidenced by the emotions welling during his speech, GM Monreal mentioned how airports are places where emotions run high. Travelling, catching one’s flight, and saying goodbye to loved ones make airport citizens nervous and edgy, which turn quickly into irritability and shortness of temper. This year, several incidents have taken place at the airport that rapidly circulated on social media, prompting netizens to ask, “wala na ba tayong respeto? Kailangan natin ng disiplina.”

“If not now, then when? If not us, then who else?” GM Monreal asked as a response during the Q&A portion. It is for these reasons that the Manila International Airport will launch the DisipliNAIA campaign. The campaign also involves internal workshops that will train staff and workers so that they are more equipped to do their jobs and handle any issues or problems concerning airport citizen complaints.

“Half the work lies in improving our own, from our workers on the ground to our administration,” he said. Posters, banners, videos, and notices that show different ways airport citizens can improve themselves will be posted around the airport. From following the rule of the yellow lines and airport security, to picking up one’s trash and taking one’s bag from a vacant seat, DisipliNAIA aims to correct many issues and problems passengers are dissatisfied about in the airport. These publicity materials also include QR codes that citizens can use to forward to the staff any issues concerning the airport.