PITX expects to serve 150 million passengers in 2024

    MobilityTravelPITX expects to serve 150 million passengers in 2024

    Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX), the country’s premier integrated land port,  proudly announces that it will breach a significant milestone by serving a total of 150 million passengers in a year. This will be a testament to PITX’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable transport services to the commuting public. 

    Since its operations, PITX has been consistent in providing quality services to its passengers.  To improve the commuting experience, PITX has implemented various measures such as introducing new routes and partnering with different transport companies. These efforts have resulted in a steady increase in passenger traffic, from 127 million passengers recorded from 2019 to 2023, to 150 million passengers to be served this year. 

    “We are thrilled to see this milestone come to fruition this year, and we owe it all to our passengers who have put their trust in our services,” said PITX corporate affairs and government relations head  Jason Salvador. “We are committed to continuously improving our operations and services to  provide a safe, convenient, and seamless transport experience for everyone.” 

    With its commitment to enhancing the travel experience, PITX is expanding its services this year. The terminal will now facilitate a total of 100 routes, providing an extensive network for increased convenience and accessibility for passengers. 

    Adding new routes will contribute to PITX’s mission of becoming the central hub for domestic transportation, enabling travelers to easily reach their destinations. Whether it’s visiting a familiar province, exploring new territories, or embarking on business ventures, PITX  will offer unparalleled connectivity to numerous destinations across the country. 

    As PITX sets its sights on continued growth and progress, it remains dedicated to providing the highest level of service, prioritizing the needs of the passengers it serves. By expanding its route network to accommodate 100 destinations, PITX solidifies its commitment to becoming an indispensable part of the country’s transportation infrastructure. 

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