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Waku Doki moves to Metro Manila : Toyota Vios Cup Round 3

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Waku Doki has finally made its way to Metro Manila as Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) is bringing the Vios Cup to McKinley West in Taguig. The exciting street race scheduled for this weekend shall be the culmination of the exciting rounds previously held at the Clark International Speedway. The 1.8-kilometer McKinley West Circuit was specifically built for the Vios Cup, and it’s looking to be a challenging one. To comply with the safety requirements set by the FIA via the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), the entire length of the track will be lined with Armco, steel and concrete barriers, as well as metal fences for the protection of the drivers and spectators, alike.

To make things a little bit easier, here’s the layout of the event area that can serve as your guide.

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Saturday has been set aside for official practices, as well as the do-or-die qualifying round in the afternoon. Race day Sunday will be a full day of racing, interspersed with many activities like a drifting exhibition by Keiichi Tsuchiya, meet and greet sessions,  and performances by guest bands to keep the spectators entertained.

If you’re planning to watch the races, please be reminded of the following:

1. There is no parking inside McKinley West. Parking spaces will be available in the McKinley Hill area.

2. Complimentary shuttle service will be provided by TMP that will bring you directly to the venue.

3. Pick-ip and drop-off stations are at Venice Piazza, One World Square, and Science Hub

4. Remember, admission is free!

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See you at the races!