Yamaha Team Pilipinas Displays Grit at ARRC

    Yamaha Team Pilipinas’ Masato Fernando and McKinley Kyle Paz displayed grit in their maiden campaign at the AP250 Category of the ARRC.

    The two Filipino racers competed against a slew of experienced riders and got to show off their skills at the race track. Despite slipping mid-race, Masato “The Chairman” only suffered minor injuries and still landed 17th spot even as a first timer in the division. Paz meanwhile, improved from his previous finish of 27th by claiming the 23rd spot, displaying his growth in this racing journey.

    Yamaha notes that the experience proved to be priceless for the racers as they return to the Philippines better and more competitive riders. Preparing for future international races, Yamaha Motor Philippines pledged that they’ll be there every step of the way, cultivating local riders and providing them a platform to take on the global stage.

    For Yamaha Team Pilipinas, the journey towards the ultimate goal of having the first ever Filipino MotoGp Rider is a step closer with the tandem showing immense potential. 

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