Logi Dock all-in-one declutters your desktop and makes joining meetings easy

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    Logitech is simplifying personal workspaces and improving the video meeting experience for remote and hybrid workers with the launch of Logi Dock, an all-in-one docking station with one-touch meeting controls and a built-in speakerphone, targeted to be certified for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. This provides professionals with one sleek solution to optimize their desk setup and create a more productive workspace as many organizations transition to permanent hybrid workforces.

    Logi Dock is designed to declutter the desktop by providing a single connection point for desktop devices. It connects up to five USB peripherals and up to two monitors —while charging your laptop up to 100W. One cable connection from Logi Dock to the laptop eliminates excess wires, dongles, and unnecessary chargers for a cleaner, more organized workspace.

    Logi Dock integrates with Logi Tune, an intuitive app that helps control and customize the experience of Logitech personal collaboration devices. When combined with Logi Tune’s calendar integration, this docking station provides intelligent lighting cues to notify when a meeting is about to start and comes with intuitive buttons to join, mute, turn the camera on/off, and end calls, creating an effortless meeting experience.

    Research shows that reducing clutter from work environments allows for better focus and productivity because productive collaboration is largely dependent on high-quality audio experiences, Logi Dock is built with enterprise-grade audio. Users can leverage the noise-canceling speakerphone and, for private conversations, automatically switch audio to a Zone Wireless headset or Zone True Wireless earbuds. Once a meeting concludes, users can then switch to music from its powerful, expertly-tuned speaker.

    “When the pandemic happened, we prioritized our efforts into identifying and understanding our customers’ needs and pain points when it came to remote working. The result was Logi Dock,” said Bryan Lee, head of video collaboration, Logitech Southeast Asia. “A simple, modern, and disruptive docking solution, the Logi Dock is our version of the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for the remote worker. Equipped with key collaboration features like one-touch-to-join and better mute control, it transforms our personal workspace from a ‘rats nest’ of cabling to the ideal, clutter-free home office.”

    It is available in two colors: White and Graphite, available only for Microsoft Teams. The easy-to-set-up docking station will be certified to work with leading video conferencing platforms, providing one-touch meeting controls and enterprise-grade audio. In today and tomorrow’s remote and hybrid work world, this all-in-one transforms any personal desktop, private office, or focus room into the ideal workspace for better, more productive workdays.

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